• Indeed you should. The best way is to make a website though, or to discuss it on spiritual forums rather than to try impressing it upon people with little interest. The Buddha himself had to be begged by a boy to start teaching Dharma, as he saw it to be mostly a waste of time to try convincing deluded, brash, egotistical, self-rightous fools who are obsessed with sex and addicted to experiencing excessive pleasure like ourselves something which is almost incomprehensable to the unenlightened mind. (I.e. Emptiness). Buddhists are encouraged to mention dharma where it feels appropriate mind, such as when somebody is having a crisis or dialemma, as this generates good merit, and you just may have watered the seed of enlightenment within their hearts.

    The most important thing is to realise that you cannot teach pure Dharma, nor can you sense peoples spiritual/karmeric potential, nor can you always know the right time or way to expound it thoroughly until you become an enlightened being yourself. This is your number one goal. If the blind lead the blind they will all fall, but if you focus upon meditation and exercising purity of speech, action and thought, and conduct regular study of the dharma after time, if you are guided well you will discover awakening. This path mustn’t be abandoned for the sake of helping innumerable beings when the time comes when you realise complete enlightenment and can benifit every being in existance.

    Good luck following your path, may you and all beings find enlightenment.


  • Nope! Only if the person wants to learn. Each has to learn their own paths and make their own choices. Religion should not be enforced.

  • nope, they should just accept people who want to with open arms. UNLIKE the christians. They have people running around in my neighborhood dor to door trying to convert people.

  • If an argument has any validity, it will stand on its own merits and thinking people will accept it on their own.

    The more that godbots proselytize and try to put their religious crap into law, the weaker their argument is by their own admission.


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