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Should Black people and most of the Americans read Lao Tzu's Tao Teh Ching?

They seem to lack knowledge, manner, respect, self esteem, and honor. All of which can be gained through reading the Chinese classics. Tao Teh Ching is a good start.
Savage animals will always be animals. But you could try to train them so they don’t sh!t everywhere.


  1. Why don’t you read. I have knowledge,manners,resect,self esteem and honor. I hope you don’t think you all mighty downgrading us.

  2. No, I prefer Ching Liu’s Chang Tong Shing
    Lao Ming’s Ting Tao Tan is a good one too
    Also Chun Yu’s Wong Fong Song

  3. lol thought that was a asian dish, I was for it!
    But I have self esteem, respect to others, and tons of knowledge…I know so many studies and future inventions that my family, the pastor….everyone tells me to stop reading.
    My friend who is white speaks basic asian however you spell it, me and her were on a train, two asian young adults were sitting in front of us………….they were racist towards white women calling them all sorts of rude names and how their men want them only ect. My friend told them that its not part of their culture to lack respect ect.
    What am saying is asians are not perfect.
    Most need to start watching Mr. Rodgers neighborhood Series.

  4. In honor of your reverence of East Asian philosophy I wrote a haiku for you-
    Yahoo Answers Troll
    This winter night is too cold
    Get a hobby please

  5. No why should they read that when if you keep a Bible in your house you can just pick that up and look up scriptures. You can gain it through reading the Bible too. Ten commandments mention alot things. Honor your mother and father respect them.


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