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Should a normal digital camera be able to capture any image that your eyes can see?

People claim that they can see auras and yet you can’t take a photo of an aura with a normal camera (not talking about Kirlian photography which is a totally different kettle of fish).
If an aura is really there and not just an illusion why can’t it be photographed?


  1. Leviticu,I’m aware of the Kirlian camera to photograph auras,digital cameras don’t possess the ability to capture auras as the Kirlian.The technical process is complicated.Digital cameras don’t have the hand shaped plates sensors that the Kirlian have,they measure your electromagnetic field and they measure the acupuncture points of the hands.The camera codes the energy readings in to frequencies which correspond to certain colors and process the photograph,a computer sorts information and prints the photograph,a digital camera doesn’t possess this ability.Tomb Raider.

  2. I would say yes if your timing is right and you’re using the right settings. And in fact, the CCD (charge coupled device) sensor used in digital cameras to detect the image is also sensitive to infrared around the 900 nm wavelength or thereabouts. If you take your TV remote control and look at the front end, you’ll see what looks like an LED. You can’t see it light up with your bare eyes, but if you point it at your camera and look at the camera’s digital display you’ll see it glow when you press a button.
    I agree Kirlian photography is completely different. Kirlian photography just generates a coronal discharge around an object. It’s just basic electricity and it works on things both living and inanimate. A steel plate or rod will certainly have a Kirlian “aura”. There’s nothing mysterious or paranormal about it.
    But to answer your question, if a person could actually see auras then a camera should be able to capture it as well, since the camera is sensitive to the same wavelengths that our eyes are, and even beyond that (the infrared).
    As far as science can tell, visible colored “aurus” surrounding people are fiction, wishful thinking and optical illusion. And sometimes it’s just a blatant scam, such as with these aura cameras.

  3. It should, if you ignore the paranormal explanation. It doesn’t work like that.
    How does it work? Beats me, but I know it’s not like that.

  4. No there is a special camera for auras. I had mine done a few times. But it can catch many other things not seen with your eyes.

  5. No, photography is kind of tricky in some ways. For example, its very tricky to take good photos of the moon and stars. Most people will go out and shoot snap shots and wonder why there are no stars and the moon comes out looking like a pin prick, even though it looks like its bigger than life to our eyes.
    Rainbows and sundogs also are pretty tricky to photograph well, I mention this because it seems to me the closest thing to auras (assuming they really exist)
    A dusk and dawn our eyes have slowly adjusted to settings, but a point and shoot with no flash might get just black.
    What we don’t realize is our eyes and minds adjust almost instantly to various light settings and conditions and cameras do not. Often times point and shoot cameras are too limited in range to get a lot of intense settings. Most SLR digitals have auto-settings but these are inadequate for a lot of stuff and the photographer still has to know how to set it manually.
    I am not arguing that auras exist, but it is conceivable for them to be visible to the eyes, but nearly invisible to the camera.

  6. Assuming that auras exist, that would mean that people have spirits.
    Assuming people have spirits, it would probably stand to reason that human eyes are FAR more complicated than a camera because of the spiritual connection to the three dimensional body.
    Assuming that most people are not spiritualists, auras get disregarded as a playful imagination.
    Assuming spiritualists can see auras, they get mad at the non-spiritualist skeptics, thus causing rants on the internet. ~_^

  7. being able to see aura’s with the naked eye is not a “blatant scam”, some people are just gifted in ways that others are not. yes there are some scams and scam artist out there only for your money but TRUE people with a gift of that sort dont use it for greed. for anyone who is trying to open their channel more clearly and learn about these gifts know that greed and ego shut that door to knowledge and only welcomes negitive energy. and every person with a gift of being able to see color dont all work the same. keep that in mind. one person may see colors with people and another with objects and engergies or all together. everyone works differently because these gifts are all different even when they have something in common.
    with the camera thing… i have no idea, i just know it might be cheaper just to get to know people with these gifts and ask them “just out of curiosity, what do u see around me, how thick is the color?” than just buying a camera that will be outdated in a year or so.

  8. Hi , I think I MIGHT have captured my aura in a photo I took using my phone , I noticed the picture I took of my hand is glowing blue and other colors, an educated opinion would be very much appreciated , thank you

  9. Why don’t non-believers in auras take the time… Not long, providing you are prepared to remain open minded (what have you got to lose?) and follow some good advice… Bucket loads out there! I first saw auras from having too much whiskey one night and I could see everyone’s auras and the colours were amazing, it intrigued me enough to try sober lol At first I saw just a white, or golden aura, then I learnt to hold my gaze and saw colours too. All I can say is that skepticism can only be altered by your own truth… Good luck

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