Home Discussion Forum should a mirror face a window with feng shui?

should a mirror face a window with feng shui?

should a mirror face a window with feng shui?


  1. yes it reflects the light and makes it look like you have two windows! It also makes the space look bigger and the extra light is supposed to “guide you”
    good luck!

  2. you need to remember that fengshui and interior design/ architecture don’t mix; same reason why most architects hate the idea of fengshui. but in asia, architects have learned to live well with fengshui, or they cannot build anything.
    the answer is no. the reason for this is, chi enters from all openings of the house – doors and windows. and mirror can reflect chi. thus, with a mirror in front a window, no chi can come into your life.
    people living in a house with mirrors either in front of a door or window, can find that life is so so. life cannot change for the better, yet there are still unexpected or unnecessary expenses. life can be stagnant.
    again, i like to emphasize that we live in a free world. whatever makes you happy. fengshui is just here to guide us to make us see how to optimize life.

  3. Mirrors do two things. They reflect and deflect light. In Feng Shui terms, light is a form of chi, or earth energy. To have good Feng Shui a property needs to have sufficient amount of chi entering the property.
    Chi enters the property through windows and doorways. By having a mirror directly in front of the window or facing a window, you are deflecting or keep chi from entering the room. As a general rule, Feng Shui practitioners do not advise have a mirror facing windows and doorways. This is because chi needs to enter the property.
    However, there are always expections to the general rule. For example, if there is an abundance of light in the room from other sources, such as a skylight or very large windows. Perhaps there is a posion arrows, any sharp objects, pointed directly at the window, the mirror can deflect the sharp objects energy.
    Good luck.


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