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should a four year old jewish child be taught the buddha by his atheist father?

is praying to the buddha totally wrong for a jewish child to be taught?
it seems to be against being jewish, bowing to a statue.
the jewish grandmother respects that but says it is wrong for the father
to teach his son that, 4 years old.


  1. A child shouldn’t be praying to anyone, they should be taught ABOUT ALL religions, then allowed to choose for themselves when they become adults. No religion should be favored above any other.

  2. There are no Jewish 4 year olds. No Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or pagan 4 year olds either. They’re just children and can’t grasp these complex metaphysical concepts like adults can.

  3. The religion is called Buddhism. There is not just one Buddha. They do not worship the Buddha.
    Buddhism is a philosophy that is compatible with many religions.

  4. You can be taught anything you like:
    When you become of age of reason for yourself then will you start to weigh the facts or will you ? or did you ?
    Jewish has a down side as with all other religions.
    It is not who is wrong or how long they been wrong but where you end up. hopefully you will see the true light.

  5. Children should be taught the history of all religions but not pushed to believe in one or the other. Let them decide for themselves when they are an adult.

  6. Is your child old enough to decide that he is jewish… also how are you supreme ruler of your household. It looks like the other 50% of the genes of your child disagrees.

  7. Nobody who is Buddhist prays to the Buddha… Shakyamuni Buddha was merely a teacher, there are many Buddhas too.
    The grandmother should have very little to say about what a man teaches his own child.

  8. A 4 year is not jewish. How can a 4 year make a decision about what religion they are. Children should be taught about all cultures and religions and what effects these belief system have had on the world.

  9. The child should NOT be taught it. Praying to Buddha is an act of idolatry, which the Second Commandment(!) forbids.


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