Should a Christian church forbid Tai Chi classes for seniors because of its links with Buddhism?

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You’ll just have to take my word on this; I can’t find a link for it but I heard it mentioned on the radio news the other day. Some group of senior citizens were using their church (I think it was Catholic) for Tai Chi classes because they found it therapeutic but the church leaders found out about it and put a stop to it because Tai Chi is apparently associated with Buddhism. Do you think this was a bit harsh and mean spirited?

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Slightly Amused 3rd Account

The church should not “forbid” anything. Its not their place.


What’s really ironic is if you interpret the biblical mythology properly unlike the churches have it’s pretty much the same stuff as buddhism… A solar – shamanic philosophy that’s more about the nature of reality and psychology than literalist xtian dogma.


close mineded
that’s all!
But, I don’t care. Tai Chi is there for humans to use
if they understand how energy flows and such…


I can tell you from my childhood experience with catholicism, that the religion is harsh and mean-spirited. It doesn’t surprise me at all that they would be against a harmless form of excercise because there is some link to buddhism, a peaceful religion.


I’ve heard other Christian denominations aside from Catholics say similar things about it as well as yoga. Sad really. both practices are very beneficial.


Wow, for once I didn’t find anything to object to in your question.
I would have to say that I’ve attended a few churches that would react the same way…attended as in past tense. I would be a tad surprised if it was a Catholic church as that doesn’t seem consistent with what I’ve seen locally and in my experience with that church…wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was Baptist…or Church of Christ…or a particular type of non-denominational church.
My mother wouldn’t allow us to participate in martial arts (or yoga) because of the ties to “Eastern mysticism” (one of the terms she used). I’m sure I used the word “harsh” more than once until I was mature enough to recognize her response as fear related to her own childhood experiences.
I would, of course, support any church’s right to make this decision even though I disagree with their decision and the reasoning behind it. (Side note, if this was a Catholic church, I’m surprised they didn’t just find a way to transform Tai Chi into a “Christian” ritual…they’ve been doing that for centuries with any number of rituals and celebrations with foundations in other religions)…

♀♀ the wpf ॐ

If true, it’s ridiculous. Tai Chi is a wonderful no impact exercise for body and mind, and if the church gave a damn about its members, would educate itself on Tai Chi and Buddhism and realize there is no conflict of belief systems.


The Catholic Church has not forbidden the use of Tai Chi exercises at its churches or schools.
The Church looks at each new practice that comes along and sees if there is any superstition involved. No negative announcement has been made about Tai Chi.
This is not true about Reiki. The Catholic Church has stated that:
+ Reiki lacks scientific credibility
+ Catholics trusting Reiki operate in superstitious no man’s land
+ Reiki inappropriate for Catholic health care institutions, retreat centers, chaplains
For more information see “Guidelines for Evaluating Reiki as an Alternative Therapy” by the Committee on Doctrine United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
With love in Christ

Help You

Trust me.
Tai chi has nothing to do with Buddhism.
You can learn it and I know a great tai chi dvd store.


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