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Share some Ceremonial Magick?

If you want go into detail. If you’re scared of people copying you and hurting themselves psycologically…then be vague…but at least say something.
Thank you Daryl B. I agree. After all Gardner “borrowed” from AC in the first place.


  1. In the Golden Dawn’s version, the closing doxology of the Lord’s Prayer is actually the words used in the Qabbalistic Cross at the beginning and closing of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram:
    Atah – “Thou art”
    Malkuth – “The Kingdom”
    Ve g’burah – “The power”
    Ve g’dulah – “The glory”
    Leh olam – “Forever”
    In Gardenerian and Alexandrian Wicca, the calling of the Watchtowers is derived from ceremonial sources. You don’t have to be a ceremonialist to have come under ceremonial magic’s influence.

  2. Lately, after ritually creating my ceremonial circle using a variation of the basic Lesser Banishing Ritual , I perform an active meditation on the elements and the pentagram that has Hermetic overtones, which somewhat assists me in learning how to work with element themes for skillful transformation of thought and mood. I then meditate until I assume a semi trance and create a sigil. After this type of meditation and any other meditation that I am incorporating in my session du jour, I work with my sigil for a few days. Some time ago, I was doing more spell-work-kind of things, but now I’ve gone back to trying to adjust the outside by adjusting the inside. That’s being a Psychonaut or Chaos Magician.
    (And listening to anything by Led Zeppelin–except perhaps Led Zeppelin III–is a form of ceremonial magick as far as I’m concerned.)


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