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Shamans, pagans, herbalists, and anyone opposed to pharmaceuticals?

How does one deal with a pregnancy-related migraine? I don’t want to take drugs, over the counter or otherwise as my pregnancy is still pretty fragile. Any tips?


  • Many herbal remedies are dangerous to utilize when pregnant and/or breast-feeding. Some may have adverse effects on the baby. Consult your doctor as to what is best to do before you use any drug OR herbal treatment…other than the popular answer here, get/stay hydrated – and when a migrane hits, lay down and close your eyes in a dark room with a compress on your head, these are quite safe and effective.

  • You may not agree with this, but have more sex!
    Sex releases endorphins in the brain which damped pain.

    So the old adage of “No, Honey, I have a headache” is precisely the right time to have sex.

  • I use to get migraines all the time. They were so sever that I would cry, but I couldn’t take medications because they would make me ill too. My mother would alternate hot and cold packs on the head while I lay really still in a dark room. I would begin a relaxation technique where I would start by relaxing each part of my body from the toes up. Sometimes she would also do massage on the shoulders up. When I was pregnant I refused any drugs even up to the birth and the doc said the child was the healthiest he had seen in many a year of his practice.

  • Talk to a naturopath, herbalist or chiropractor to get informed advice about your particular situation. I’ve used homeopathic OTC remedies for migraine successfully but I wasn’t pregnant at the time. Hyland is the manufacturer.

  • You’ll be chasing a rainbow if you really have migraines and don’t take anything for them.
    What did the doctor say?
    Try preventive measures, like avoiding trigger foods, and staying properly hydrated.
    But when a migraine has already hit, take a Tylenol and have a nap. The Tylenol should be fine, even if you say you want to avoid it. If its just a bad headache, warm or cool compresses, turning off lights and other stimuli in the room (like noise), along with the nap may help.
    If you can’t sleep, try a little caffeine.

    You have a ganja leaf as your picture, how far along were you when you found out- and stopped smoking?
    I really don’t care either way, but no need to be a martyr that doesn’t take Tylenol or antacids when needed.

  • I work in a pharmaceutical plant, never the less, the advice I got from a Chinese herbalist was drink all the water one can, the number one cause for migraine, dehydration.

  • I don’t believe in many medications and think that water and proper diet can help.

    Even the tylenol commercials say a cup of water helps a headache.

    It may be from sitting or being still for too long or lack of sleep or staring at a screen for too long.

    Try some small or regular exercises with eating healthy, if you don’t already, as a way to try to stop the migraines.

    If I listened to my headset my migraines would appear too because it was bothering it physically and auditorilly.

    Hope I helped!

  • See a naturapathic doctor….. or as others have said…dark room, cold compress… and drink lots of water… sometimes migraines while pregnant are brought on by mild dehydration…. your body needs even more water now…. if you werent drinking 8 glasses before pregnancy you had better be drinking at least 10 now.

  • II like a hot compress on the back of my neck. It opens up the blood vessels, helping to relieve the pressure. Also,a nice nec rub, if you have someone handy to do it for you.

  • with much herb treatment .. trust me on that .. but realize , you will pass your attraction to herb treatments onto your offspring ..

  • Drink something with caffeine in it, if you can. In any case, I’d just crawl into bed with a bowl and cover your head with a pillow. Make sure the household knows not to disturb you unless absolutely necessary.

    Avoid light, noise, quick movements and large amounts of food.

    Good luck.

  • You dont want to take drugs, but your avatar is a chick on a pot leaf?
    Oh, you’re pregnant. Good call. Uhhhm.

    You should talk to a doctor, not these yahoos.

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