I am recieving my first attunement in “Spirit One” this week.

Could you tell me please are these attunements really as spiritual and lovely as the sound.

Also after I recieve “Spirit One level 2”, I am going on to recieve, ‘Tiger Reiki’ then ‘Bear Reiki’. Has anyone any experience of these forms ??.


  • I know Reiki and I never heard of Spirit 1 or Tiger and Bear Reiki.
    Reiki has 4 levels, 1 and 2, then 3 which is psychic surgery, then Master level.
    Reiki can be very powerful and healing which is why it is best to take the levels one at a time with months inbetween. The attunement will cleanse your body like liquid plumber for the body. The more toxins in your body the more cleansing.

  • Shaman and Reiki are an unorthodox type of treatment(s). I don’t know anything much about either, but am interested. If you find that this is helpful to you please let me know..Good Luck

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