Shamanism, where to find information?

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Where can I find information on Shamanism? I have googled for information, but I only find people trying to make money exploiting Shaman….
The wiki page is great, but what I am looking for is information on becomming a Shaman, or Shamanic rituals(details please) etc…
In order to become a Shaman you have to be trained by a Shaman and declared a Shaman by that Shaman. Does anyone know where to find a Shaman? Any specific books on Shamanic Rituals?
Karma. I am looking for information on the ancient practice of Shamanism. I want to learn about lucid dreaming, healing, dreamwalking etc…

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persian princess`
there is some information there


there are many books on the subject you could also try to contact a shaman


it is really hard to answer this question because shamanism is really such a wide range of topics. You would have to narrow it down to what you are looking for. Shamanism refers to a range of traditional beliefs and practices concerned with communication with the spirit world. So, if you are looking for spells, try googling magick. If you are looking for a specific area try the nationality, Mayans. They have a lot of interesting things to learn. If you are just looking for education try Shamanism, in my personal opinion has been replaced with more “pc” language and is now called “Neo-Paganism” (for modern-day people who practice the spiritual arts) If you want to add more info on your question I could probably give you a list of good websites to answer the questions you are looking for. Or just email me and I can help you further.
…To add to your additions, it really depends on what you believe and what you are trying to learn. If you write down what you beliefs are, I can tell you where to start your search to become a proficient Shaman that brings you to a closer understanding of the spiritual world.
….Another addition… I would be considered a shaman of Eastern Beliefs, but I think that is really just a “generalization” and I don’t follow it. I should expand what I meant, are you polytheistic, monotheistic, agnostic?
…Addition 4.. Lucid dreaming (in my opinion) is best explained by the Yemen Indian tribes of Middle America. But keep in mind they prefer to use the tactic of mind altering substances. Healing would probably best be learned from the Tibetan pagan tribes and I might suggest reading the Tibetan book of the dead (Which has been a invaluable source of wisdom for me) Spiritual contact is probably best explained by a Voodoo Shaman and they have many websites (mainly based out of Louisiana) but make sure it is a white practice Shaman or else you may get yourself in trouble


there are books on it. just go to the library and see.


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