[Shamanism Question] How are we able to see the evil spirit in this picture? ?

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I thought it was only the Shaman who saw, because he/she went into the Shaman world? Well, I don’t know, My Shamanism thing is a little different from this style probably, but how can we see the evil spirit behind this sick boy?
Wow, 3 hate answers so far >_>
Chuck U. Farley, Hmm Lol, Thanks, my slowness made me not get the picture at first ><

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Senior Imprisoned Correspondent

That was a funny picture.
Honey, that thing IS the shaman. It says so on the picture.

Lovely P

2 points appreciated.

Captain Sarcastic - The Captain

For an evil spirit that guy sure looks happy. I mean, look at all those smiles!


Who ever did the picture stitching needs more practicing or better software, I use photoshop.

Chuck U. Farley

I am pretty sure that is what I look like when I first wake up in the morning…
Maybe I am dense and don’t understand the question or the picture, but it says right on the picture that the man behind the boy is a medicine man exorcising evil spirits .. not that he is the evil spirit.


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