shamanism and religion?

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does it contridict with religion? tell me more about it please.
the reason i am asking is i asked about meditation ,and i was given a site to visit,n it i found a mediation session to help clear the mind.i wonder if this is against religion ,or is just a way to communicate with nature in a higher level

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LiIbidinous Pinhead

Human dreams, such fertile ground for sowing the seeds of torment. You’re so ripe, Joey, and it’s harvest time.


Shamanism is a fairly broad term. There are countless hundreds if not thousands of Eastern religions who consider their priests to be Shamans.


it runs parallel to the Christianity belief, ancient shamans believed in spirits and lords and healing. Do not Christians speak about spirits and lords and healing it is the same thing. Christianity is a Shamanic tradition.

Metaphysical Sciences

Here is an excerpt from our website, There is a whole section on Shamanism.
(This is an excerpt from a University Of Metaphysical Sciences course at, please feel free to visit the school website)
Embarking on the shamanic journey could involve being in a shamanic bloodline, being chosen by elders because of certain qualities and eccentricities of personality which reveal an aptitude for shamanism, or by being chosen by the spirits, and willingly, or unwillingly, being called to the journey. In most cultures, the shamanic initiation is preceded by a near-death experience, often a seemingly fatal illness, but sometimes a traumatic accident, or even a dream of death. In Breaking Open The Head (2003), by Daniel Pinchbeck, the author describes the common content of visions and dreams shared by many Shamanic initiates:
“Traditionally, the evolution from ordinary human state to shaman is marked by a series of visions and dreams of the novice being killed, dismembered, eaten, regurgitated, and put back together by the spirits. His or her bones are replaced with quartz crystals, precious metals, or similar magical substances. For instance in Borneo, according to Eliade, the spirits of past shamans come to the initiate, they “cut his head open, take out his brains, wash and restore them… they plant barbed hooks on the tips of his fingers to enable him to seize the soul and hold it fast; and lastly they pierce his heart with an arrow to make him tender-hearted, and full of sympathy with the sick and suffering.”
I hope that helped!


Well, would you like to be a sham man or a real man?
No, really.
In the Bible we are told very specifically to avoid mediums
and all people who do divination and contact the dead,
or who have familiar spirits.
I think that a shaman would fall into each category.
So run the other way!


Shamanism is the animistic religion of certain peoples of northern Asia in which mediation between the visible and spirit worlds is effected by shamans. Similar to the religion of certain Native American and their set of beliefs.

True believer

There are many cultures that have Shamans, which are a combination of healers of physical & spiritual natures/causes. They may not all be called Shamans but their purpose is the same.
Its all part of what religion they believe in and practice. Its also Earth based which means they are attuned to the Earth for what needs Mother Earth might need.
An example here would be Druids who were attached to/with the Celtics. They healed their people when they got sick and were also attuned to the Earth for anything she might need or if there were going to be catastrophic changes that might be coming.

Been there, Done that!

The Shamans knowledge predates Christianity. They had much knowledge of many things long ago, including the stars. If any of the Shamanistic practices offends you because of your different “beliefs”,..that’s a shame.


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