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Shamanism and Christianity.. Please help?

Is there anything against taking a shamanic approach to christianity?


  1. I will blind fold you and take you to a english speaking shaman meeting, and then move you into a hand clapping tongue speaking penticostal church…and you will not tell the difference.
    I carried out this experiment twice already to prove that these Christians are on the wrong path.

  2. Everything is wrong with a shamanic approach to Christianity.
    Rely on the gifting of the Holy Spirit, not “magic”
    Read Acts 8:9-25. It talks about a very similar subject.

  3. Shamanism is a practice in which the practitioner can communicate with the “spirit world”. In other words, a shaman is a “witch doctor”.
    And witchcraft is strictly forbidden by God, as is communication with the dead,. Remember what happened to Saul of Tarsus.

  4. I guess that depends on your definition of shamanism. One duty of the shaman in most cultures is to preserve the stories and songs of the community. That would be okay, but if you are talking about an approach that involves fortune telling or magic, then no, it would not be okay.

  5. shamanism by nature is unholy. but I answer as an Alaskan Native, and in my culture, it is very scary and not to be fooled with. Very powerful and negative. God Bless you.

  6. It all depend of your own vew of spirituality and the way you experience your own world. Christianity as we know it today as a group of organized religions, have concepts that are totaly contradictory with the principles of shamanism. You would not be able to conciliate the two of them because they are way appart from each other. This is also true if your vew of the Bible is dictated by the interpretation of organised christianity as we know it today. If you belong to any particular church, you will find difficult to go to a shamanic secion and them coming back to seat on a bench and listen to the pastor preach against things tha you are already doing. It is very probable that it could create a big conflict on your mind in wich you would have eventualy to deside between one path or the other. However; If you have a very independent mind that it is not bound by any espesific doctrine and if you can read the Bible with out having the influence of any other stabliched doctrine so you can achive your very own understanding and interpretation of the book, then the possibilities are endless, for you may be able to see the element of shamanism existent with in the Bible wich other doctrines and traditions feal to see.


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