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Shamanism: Acquiring your spirit guide? And Journeying?

So, correct me if I’m wrong but, to find your animal spirit guide, you have to go on a shamanistic journey. So I’m pretty sure I’ve done that… First time I did, it looked like I was in space but without any planets… I saw a small deer and she circled around me then left… then I saw a bear and it roared and then faded away…. After that I saw a lot of other random animals fly past me.
But which one is my guide?
I tried journeying again but I couldn’t find anything.
Am I trying to hard?
When is the right time for a Shamanistic Journey?
Help is greatly appreciated!


  1. Nice topic!
    I just left a comment about something like this.
    A good book about this subject is “supernatural”, check it out.

  2. one must undertake a harrowing rite of some sort. While ‘harrowing rites’ may be quite effective, please do not believe that this is the only way!
    Like anything else, patience and practice are useful, though some connect with their guide(s) almost immediately and without any trouble
    whatsoever. For a shamanistic/animal approach, try Michael Harner’s excellent “Way of the Shaman”.
    It can also be done it like this:
    You do chakra cleaning/balancing by running energy through yourself for a while until cleaned (a month, week, ???).
    Then do a meditation like the following:
    Ground and center. Run energy through your body from the earth. Run energy down from the sky until it fills you. Go to the crown of your
    head (that is, your attention). See if anything/anyone is there. If not, call your guide to you. See it/he/she coming from a long way
    off. As it/he/she get’s closer, identify it. Thank it for coming.
    Ask it for anything thing that you want. Ask it if it has anything to tell you. When finished, thank it and bid it goodbye. See it go away.
    It can be that simple and should be when you seek again..

  3. I encountered my first two guides – a woman in a dark purple robe and an enormous black cat – as a result of a game, believe it or not. At the time I had absolutely no idea that I was journeying, though. It was called “Mind Vacation” and it was a suggestion made in a guide I picked up to learn about astral projection. I highly suggest this for a number of reasons, primarily because it is necessary to form your own “otherworld” to meet and interact with your guides. Not saying it’s essential for everybody but it was for me…and it allowed me to learn specific aspects of journeying at a gradual pace.
    Mind Vacation exercise: Key to this method is choosing a picture that speaks to you in some way. My first one was from a simple calender ( I use National Geographic as well) and it wasn’t even the most beautiful but it just seemed to stand out. Once you’ve chosen a picture (highly suggested that it is only scenery without people if you’re meeting with guides) take some time and memorize every detail. Once you can bring it up in your mind with reasonable clarity, set it aside.
    Ground and center as you normally would in your prep and once you’re ready, bring the picture up in your inner eye, with as much detail as you can. Don’t worry about being exact. Once you can hold the picture, the real key to this method is to gather your “awareness” in one place (I normally exit from solar plexus or 3rd eye) and then move forward and merge with the picture. Look around, take a few steps, extend your senses to detect smells or sounds. Each time you journey there, you will find that you automatically begin to add details of your own to the scene around you – that is exactly what you want. This place becomes your own dimension, so to speak, and your responsibility to maintain.
    It was on 3rd journey to a rather pastoral picture that I followed a path I had taken before and pulled up short. On the bank of the river sat a woman in a dark purple robe, with a fishing pole in the water and a huge black cat lounging beside her. And she apparently had a taste for beer (I’m quite serious) and each time after that it was my job to “conjure” a silver bucket with ice and beer inside for this guide. This aspect sounds strange but served a very important purpose, namely the realization that I had total control over the landscape around me. It also proved to be what “graduated” me to the next level. I arrived one day, to find my new little oasis filled with sulfurous smoke and my new guide bidding me farewell, saying it was time to move on. My present “otherworld” that I was transported to was completely devoid of anything except a high bluff and a crystal castle atop a golden pyramid. One by one, my other guides began showing up, as a result of my request, and once again it was my task to add one new detail to otherworld each time I journeyed there.
    This game works well because, as you know, our guides know well in advance what we’re going to do or encounter and take steps to assist us, even when we don’t request it. So they know in advance what picture you’ll choose and will work with you.
    The key for me was drawing my consciousness to a specific chakra and then actually moving forward and into the picture. You may find that visualizing the scenery around slowly take shape is easier – there is no right or wrong way. If you’re feeling directed to do something a specific way, go with it because it is almost certain your guides are behind the motivation. It can be a tricky visualization but from what you’ve written, you’re obviously clairvoyant so this should work well for you.
    I’ve been shamanic journeying for a number of years with the express purpose of talking to and learning from my guides. During the last several months, I’ve been concentrating most of my energy towards developing my mediumship skills.
    I’ve included a link to my blog below, not to “toot my own horn”, but so you can see I am speaking from experience. This is an essential aspect of my life and I continue to learn daily. Just remember to make a quick request that you wish to meet with a particular guide before you journey. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Good Luck! I think you in a for a very interesting period of your life.


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