shaman vs sorcer and demon : are a shaman are more pwerful than a sorcer and demon?

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in north america ( michigan ) and asie (mongolie) indien use a shaman (medicale man) for recover a people and kill a sorcer and demon because they think a ilness are raise by a demon or a spell of sorcer and they think a shamane have a surnaturel force and imunity for a mlagic some sqorcer and demon because

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What’s a sorcer?


Honey, this reminds me of a poorly written “Who is more powerful, Jeannie or Samantha? Who would win in a fight of power?”
Duh…. And to top it all off, you didn’t even bother to look up the correct words. Sorcerer… Indian…. medical…. spell checker. I assume they have one on the YA you are using.
To answer your question: We ALL draw from the same pool of energy. So the “power” is all the same. The answer lies in the individual. What is the individual capable of doing and what is the intent in his heart? And you progress from there.
The rest of your question drives off into a sunset of poor spelling, untranslatable words and unfinished thoughts. So I can’t imagine where you were going or answer what you were trying to ask.


Och more bad spelling.
but the gist of your question is it depends on which has the stronger will and can draw more power is the one that will win out.


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