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Shamans are people who practice under shamanism. Shamans are known to have the capacity to heal, to foresee visions and to work with energies around us. Shamans have two types of practice identified as traditional and modern spiritual practice. Traditional or modern spiritual practices by shamans are options that you can choose whichever to follow and where to put yourself by choice. Due to various changes ranging from the traditional to modern spiritual practices, Neoshamanism has been created and developed by Westerners. To be more precise, one of shamans’ well-known practices are known to have a belief in animal power.

Animal power is very essential to be practiced under shamanism. Shamans believe animal powers because they perceive that animal powers are helping spirits. Animal powers help and encourage shamans in anything they do or anything they venture in. Shamans believe that animal powers differ from one animal to another. They believe that uniqueness of animal powers is attained by each animal. It is also thought that if a shaman carries an animal with him, the animal power adds up to the personal energy you have. It is considered that the trait of the animal also applies to the shamans which is lent to the animal?s owner or the shaman itself. When the animal goes away and never comes back, it may result into bad luck or illness.

Oppose to what an animal power means, any living thing can be considered as a power animal. Thus, even insects and plants can be called power animal. Another unbelievable thing about shaman beliefs and spiritual practices is that, a shaman can choose a power animal even it is just seen on myths and legends which makes Pegasus and unicorn one of shaman?s power animal.

Shamans do honor their power animals. They believe that power animals should be acknowledged like any other living creature. Another thing that follows shaman beliefs is that any positive spirit can be your power animal.

Shamans can learn how to meet their power animals ideally by using following certain steps. In order to meet your power animal, find a place where you can relax yourself. Even in front of your personal computer will do. Maintain to relax your mind and feel your muscles relaxing too. Then, close your eyes and take two long deep breaths. Make sure you breathe in your nose and release it by breathing out through your mouth. After the breathing part, still your thoughts. Stare behind the screen in front of you. Some shapes will form and talk with you power animal using your mind or in short, do it telepathically. Remember to be patient and soon enough, your power animal will show up.

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