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Shaman mirror meditation?

I read about this in a book years ago where the meditation helps you to see all the different souls connected to or within yourself. It is done in front of a mirror. Anyone know what I am talking about and can describe more?


  1. babe it is optical illusions
    if you stare long enough at something … your eyes will play tricks on you
    it is kinda freaky mind you
    I seen my face change into all sorts of things
    and you know me , I am very open to the paranormal
    but this is something I am very very skeptical about

  2. And for what reason would you want to see the different sould connected to or within you? What on earh coud you ever hope to learn from it. To be honest it sounds a bit of a con just to fill and sell the book…never in my pagan years as a shaman have i ever heard such drivle. If you are not learned or experienced, then i would advise you to leave it alone. Yes, meditate by all means, but only to relax and connect with you nothing else.

  3. You’re not what the mirror shows, that’s just a shell. The mirror serves as a focus. It’s not narcissim, it’s the exact opposite: it’s transcending your self.
    Some believe that you can see other souls, incarnations of the self through the “windows to the soul”, the eyes. It is supposed to help one get more in tune with themself and their true nature and oneness with all things.
    At the end, I agree with Pangel

  4. all these so called meditations are bogus. They are not real meditation and nothing spiritual about them. According to the Ancient Vedic text which are the original How too books that came with the material creation to help the conditioned souls know how to live within this world and also how to get out. For those who are looking how to get out of the cycle of repeated birth and death within this material world and return to the eternal Supreme Blissful abode they should follow the actual recommended meditation. In other previous ages the recommended meditation was to focus on the super soul within the heart. This took thousands of years to complete the meditation. But in the beginning souls lived that long according to the Vedas. But now we barley make it to 100 years. So the process has changed due to the short lived body (Unannounced to the so called scientists. This age the process is to meditate on the names of God especially the Maha Mantra for the quickest progress. Don’t be fooled by false meditations they can bring you another birth. What ever one contemplates at the time of death they are sure to attain. So we have to train our mind to think of God- His name is nindifferent than Him. Hare Krishna, Jehovah, Vishnu, Allah, Etc. Different names for the Same One True God. For a direct link on all details on the Maha mantra write me.

  5. THe mirror is a great magical scrying device and can be used to see that witch otherwise is not visible.
    One trick is to focus on the bridge of the nose,right between the eyes until your eyes overlaps the bridge of the nose and you are looking straight in to your own eyes looking back.then you will see the face of the other..s….the spirit being that lives beneath the skin.


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