sexual energy vampire-ism – those who intentionally manipulate sexual urges to steal sexual energy life force.?





I’m surprised at the number of women who do this. Most people when they get older become more aware of their psychic, emotional, intuitive capabilities.
As I’ve grown older and more aware of my abilities…I also notice that others who are just as aware of more aware attempt to prey on people to steal their sexual energy.
I’m curious to know how many people are aware that this happens.
If you notice this can you give an estimate as to how many times a day or week or how often you sense people who attempt to steal your sexual energy life force.
I honestly experience this from girls who are emotionally aware of themselves and are relatively intuitive. I notice b/c when I notice a girl….sometimes I also sense that if they notice me….I’ll get the same sensations of a woman who tries to drain my heart chakra. If it happens I’ll noticeably feel the sensation both in my base and heart chakra……people who don’t have good control or awareness over their emotions are the ones who get their energy stolen….without even realizing. then end up tired. I sense many women attempting to try and covertyly steal sexual energy….it is VERY common, but not commonly talked about.
Nikinyx – I feel the same way too, but I’m not gonna go around initiating it or having bad intentions…..but it feels like that’s the only way….which sux, b/c then….i’d be no diff.


  1. Watch out people demon alert in the reply section.
    They trie to get you mad to steal you’re energy .
    Just as the internet trolls.
    Everyhing this man said is true.
    But sometimes it goes further and those wicked people use sorcery to advance their manipulation.
    Beware sorcery, demons, witches it’s all real.
    And they trying to conveince you that it isent real.
    So you woulden’t protect yourself.
    If you have a good connection with God .
    That helps and protect you.
    Prayers and ritual bathing for God protects you and heals you.
    May God protect the good hearted people.

  2. Interesting some people shut this conversation with insults I sense lot of rage and denial here. Folks look inside I bet you are the vampires.
    With all my love and respect???.

  3. 2 tingz:
    1. Deepening on wot u mien buy very common – dis may bee about you giving it away to recievers who are not really fieves, bat joust recievers.
    2. Dione Fortune; Psychic selfdifence.
    As for the septics I wonder how helpful zey fink zey r 😉

  4. Please do not fret author,
    I too have experienced both sides of this spiritual vampirism. I do not have a full understanding of what it means. We should talk more to attempt to discover the truth behind it .
    There are some things I have learned concerning vampirism. Typically some one who is known to be a vampire has emotional wounds (usually in their root chakra) that have gone undetected and therefore unhealed. These hidden wounds and feelings of pain create a negative charge in the person that secretly feed off of other peoples energy. The wounds need others peoples energy because they are blocking the path to their host’s own power, or their genuine God Within.

  5. Please do not fret author,
    I too have experienced both sides of this spiritual vampirism. I do not have a full understanding of what it means. We should talk more to attempt to discover the truth behind it .

  6. you seriously are messed up. people can not steal souls or energy of emotions. if you think different, you are like that psychotic bitch who drank the blood of virgins because she thought it would make her immortal. you seriously could only believe this if you were like a satanist or some sort of witchcraft user, and my God, you are really creepy, like a molester or something.

    • No need. Spiritual guidance . And healthy lifestyle and diet helps alot.
      Also avoid bad people around you.
      When you steal you only draw other thiefs to yourself and block youre own supply of energy from God.
      And practise to relase the connection cords by letting go of old wounds.
      Best therapy is telling the person about it .
      He or she would call you crazy.
      But atleast you be removed of the cords.

  7. You have been taking the crazy pills way too long. It isn’t vampirism you nut, it’s lycanthropy. They are secretly werewolves or werebears and they are sucking your energy so they can mate and not die, thereby making it possible for them to procreate. Get it right.

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