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Sex with married man?

An old friend has got in touch. Hes married & unhappy. He has made it clear he wants me. Im tempted as life is dull & the fact hes raging for me is exciting. The idea of being with him is a huge turn on. I used to be a real plain jane & since i saw him ive turned into…something men like, a bit playboy bunnish. All the compliments hes given me are getting to me & i love the idea he doesnt feel worthy & im bit of a fantasy figure…
Yet i feel i should be talked out of this. I believe in Karma & i hate the idea of ppl getting hurt…. can you ever have secret sex and not be found out? Advice pls!


  1. If he is still married do not do it. What will happen if all of a sudden he realizes that maybe his wife is not so bad after all. Where does that leave you and how will you feel?

  2. don’t mess up a relationship–if you do, expect your slut identification card to come in the mail soon

  3. of course you can have secret sex, what people don’t know wont hurt them. this is your life and you should do what you want and what you feel.

  4. please dont
    two paths are open if you make a decision to have sex with him:
    1. have sex with him and he discovers that he’s in love with you, then leaves his wife and karma comes back to get you
    2. have sex with him and he loves his wife more, then leaves you and you’ll feel terrible
    either way, heartaches going to come out of this so DON’T!

  5. That is one thing about Karma. Yes, sometimes people cheat and have secret sex all the time without getting caught. But, the thing about karma is that you may later have to pay for what you did by interfering in the convenant of God by sleeping with a married man. YOu may not pay later with it happening to you in your marriage, but thru life’s obstacles you will pay.
    I had that happen to me before. And, if you are a christian woman, you will have your doubts and convictions about the whole thing. Yes it is a turn on…especially when he tells you he really wants you and his marriage is crap. I had a married man tell me that..”It is not wrong on your part because you are not the one married committing the sin”. The turn on point is because you know its wrong and frankly if you were to go ahead and get it out of your system, you would probably feel guilty and never do it to him again. Unfortunately, I have a strong faith in God and I know that sleeping with a married man is very wrong, and as you, I do not want that to come back on me.
    Think of it this way, you are married and your husband is doing and saying all the things this married guy is saying to you. If you ever found out, wouldnt that hurt???


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