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Serious question for pagans mostly: what exactly is an aura, spirit and soul?

AURA: Is it like spirit? If a person’s aura can pass from one to another at the moment of death, is this a good or bad thing? as spirits are a bad thing when they don’t cross over, right?
I am interested in your opinion whatever, but if you know anything about gypsy fokelore, then that’s awsome too.


  1. An “aura” is an energy field produced by a Demon.
    A “spirit” is an alcoholic beverage found within a bottle.
    A “soul” is the part of your shoe that you walk upon.

  2. I don’t really believe in aura’s….no I’m being nice. LOL I don’t believe is aura’s at all.
    Your soul is just that, your soul. It’s the breath of life at the spark of creation (when ever and where ever that was I suppose). It’s the basic “you”.
    Spirits in the context you speak of, at least in heathenry, are the disir, the alfar, and nasty little pissed of dead people called draugr.

  3. I always perceive auras to be an emanation of a life force, sort of like the distortions/ripples in air that you see over a stove/heat source.
    But it is subjective, I suppose. I freely admit it could merely be a trick played on the eyes/mind.
    I’ve never seen or heard of an aura passing from one person to another. As to good or bad, that would depend on the people involved.
    In my subjective experience, I may have perceived a spirit/soul of a dead friend who seemed to stick around to make sure his wife would be okay; after a year or so he didn’t seem to be around anymore. I assumed this was completely by his choice, given how it seemed.
    I tend to appreciate the African tradition of two types of dead: those who are still remembered by the living, and thus are not completely dead; and those who no one alive still recalls first-hand. In that context, those we recall passing on are still with us in one form or another, and that’s to be expected and accepted.

  4. There is an electrical aura around all of us and it does change colour with moods.
    When you die you are judged there and then and,you will either go to Purgatory or hell, very few people go straight to Heaven we have to be purged first for all those swear words and little sins we have donein this life.for more info access the ‘divine mercy website, good luck!

  5. They are all energy.
    An aura, I’ve not really studied them but my understanding is that it is an energy that is given off.
    Spirit, if you mean like ghosts, then they can be a few things. They can be more like a memory. You know when a picture burns into a monitor screen or tv screen? Think of it like that. It’s no longer here but the memory energy is. Then there are spirits that are actual energetic entities.
    Your soul, to me the soul is our core. The one thing that continues on forever. Our energy.

  6. An aura is the external energy force that people, animals and some essential oils emit. This is only visible under certain conditions and sometimes to certain people.
    The soul in the eternal attribute of a human. The soul can remain in Heaven or Hell but is eternally bound to exist.
    Spirits are fallen angles who followed Satan when He rebelled against God. Some Genesis experts claim His fall to be around 100 after the Creation.
    My friend I am not pagan but born again of the Blood of Jesus Christ. God has put many mysteries before us to show His greatness and love.
    Satan has always been jealous of Gods creation and glory. Satan uses spirits and the occult to further our interest away from God.
    God gives many gifts, but they are always given to glorify Him.
    Take care-KK
    Edit: Auras can be seen. Check out livingoils website, they explain how they percieve them in science.

  7. Well, in my honest opinion mind you, An aura is a emanation of energy around every person (energy Field I guess) that changes with moods and can effect your health. It may simply be something to do with the mind, in fact I think it totally is something to do with the mind. I know that my pagan mother always taught me that when I was stressed out/ in danger/ or ill that if I imagined myself (or anyone else that is like that) surrounded by a white light it would be a sort of protection. I know that I personally envision all my stress and worries as a black color around me when I meditate and see in my mind the black washing away and only white light being left.
    the Soul, in my opinion, is exactly as Heathen Princess explained it.
    And I don’t really know how to explain a “spirit”. Personally I would prefer to take a more scientific approach towards that. I know there are unexplained things that happen but I do not know what the cause of them are.
    I don’t think I have heard of an Aura passing from one to another at death. I guess it would really depend on the person that it is passing from as to whether it was a good or bad thing.

  8. There is no consistent answer to this. Not only are there many different beliefs, but the meanings of the words change over time.
    Here are mine.
    An aura is a (normally) non-visible emanation from a being or object. Picture it like a black light glow: it can only be seen using the right equipment or under the right circumstances. It is just an emanation (glow) and does not have an existence outside of the object. Many people believe you can tell mood, and health by looking for one.
    I have never seen them, but I have friends that say they have.
    Spirit is the non-physical essence of a living being (though some people believe that inanimate object have them, and many Christians believe that god has one). They are attached to the being from which they come, though some people believe they can be projected or might even survive death. A spirit without a body is sometimes called a ghost, especially if it was a human’s spirit.
    A soul is believed by many to be the essence of spirit that only intelligent living beings have (had). Similar to a spirit it is usually only where the body is, but might be projected outside of the body, and many people believe that it survives after death. The soul is the essence of personality that makes each of us unique.
    A belief in ghosts does not mean a belief in an afterlife (but can). Some people believe that someone’s spirit can continue after death and be seen; in some cases it can even invade other people and influence their actions. This is NOT the personality of the person (soul) just their non-physical essence. Human spirits without souls are sometime referred to as demons.
    Many people believe that the soul goes to heaven/Valhalla/the Summer Lands, etc

  9. The Aura is a protective force around the physical form. For those who can read them they can tell much about your own personnel power. Spirit and Soul are sometimes seen as one in the same by Pagan-Magickal-Folk. It is neither a good or bad thing. It just is. Spirits are neither good or bad they are Neutral. This is a Pagan-Magickal concept. Spirits have Free Will just like living humans in our opinion. I mostly speak for this Pagan. You may want to check out “Making World-Wide Psychics here on Yahoo Groups which I moderate to get other thoughts on this subject. Yes I know Gypsy Folklore I would suggest you Google Raymond Buckland and check out his many books on the subject. I hope I have helped you with your questions. You might be interested to know my Path is Druid-Wiccan-Shaman. Till our next encounter, Take Care and Blessed Be. AD(arch-druid) Stephen. also known as Stephen6580 on http://www.keen.com

  10. the hardest thing about answering a question like this, is realizing that every person out there will have different opinions of what exactly an aura, soul, and spirit are. And, my answer is no different than any other, in the respect that it is my opinion, and my opinion only. I’m not trying to ‘convert’ anyone, just give my thoughts. 🙂
    An aura, to me, is the essence of you, your moods, your body, your health, your spirit, and everything about you, radiating from your body. It has to do with your PHISICAL body more than your spiritual body. These things cross from one religion to another, pagans, wiccan, jewish, christian, hindu, muslim, regardless of religion, every person has an aura. Do a little research on Chakras also, as the color from your aura correlates with your seven chakras. I too, have never heard of a person’s aura passing from one person to another, and personally, that would creep me out just a bit. I’m open to anything, mind you, but that would be a bit creepy. 😉
    As for spirits, again, every person has a spirit, which, to me, is the same as a soul. IF you’re intending ‘spirit’ to mean ‘ghost’, then, I would say that it isn’t necessarily a ‘bad’ thing, but, then again, I am pagan, I do not believe in Heaven or Hell, but, more in some form of reincarnation, and of rememberance, and I also believe that when you reincarnate, your soul splits, and that there are multiple ‘souls’ in each living person, which attunes that person to so many different talents, past lives, instincts, etc. As for ‘spirits’ like ghosts, i think that sometimes people just aren’t ready to take that next step, and they’d prefer to hang around for a little bit longer. 😉 Your soul is your spiritual energy, your root, your basis of being – True Life, weather pumping blood or breathing oxygen or not, it is essentially your ‘life force’ for lack of better words. I believe every natural thing on this earth has a soul, every tree, stream, flower, rock, animal, and person. I hope this helps a little bit, and if you want, you’re welcome to drop me an email. 😉
    good luck!!

  11. spirit and soul me thinks is synomonous. its what you are.
    an aura is part of it, that can be seen. i can see them sometimes/
    its all energy

  12. Aura – A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; atmosphere.
    Spirit – The vital principle or animating force within living beings.
    Soul – A person’s emotional or moral nature

  13. aura-energy field that is around everyone and everything,the human aura depends on one’s character,for example if someone is always joyfull and full of energy his aura’s orange
    spirit-don’t know,but whan one dies there sprit becomes a ghost
    soul-the thing that commands your ki


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