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serious question for occultists????????

I have a book called “Summoning spirits” by Konstantinos. In this book, he explains how to evoke many different spirits using techniques from the Golden Dawn style stuff. (with all the hebrew God names and such)
here is my question: Can these techniques be used by someone in the Left Hand path?
I mean, would someone who was a satanist, for example.. want to use judeo-christian names in an evocation ritual?
if not, could the ritual tools (air dagger, fire wand, etc) still be used for spirit evocation, using names of totally different gods? How would someone change the rituals in this way, assuming that they would still work?
@ Wout
how amusing.. but i said EVOKE, not INVOKE.


  1. Thinks you need to see a psychologist on your imagination problem.
    Just a quick question to think about, what makes you think you have any powers to summon anything from the afterlife?
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  2. Satanism as originally conceived, as opposed to the modern LaVeyan version, was entirely based on the Judeo-Christian cosmology, the only change was that they worshiped Satan instead of Jehovah. Other than that their lists of theological entities was identical so the names would be the same either way, the only difference would be which ones you sought to evoke and to what end.

  3. Since SATAN is ONLY a Christian belief, you would have to understand Christianity to believe in Satan so you would know all that. Personally I think the gentleman in question was talking through his hat (said things just to get his name published), As for “Occult” that is a name bookstores adopted to put all their non christian literature. Interesting concept though.

  4. Good morning Kira.
    I am not overly familiar with this type of thing, but I wanted to at least share my thoughts with you.
    In my experience if you mix rituals and evocations you are likely to get less that stellar results. You would not use on Egyptian style ritual to call a Greek or Norse entity. While some of the elements may be the same, the finer details would be vastly different. It is better to tailor your ritual to the entity being summoned. While you may be able to use the same ritual tools, your actions with them..what you say and how you say will all be very different.
    If the purpose is to summon something from the “darker” (I hate using that term) side of the judeo-christian mythos, then I would think you would be able to simply substitute names. Since it is basically the flip side of the same coin, there will be very little difference in the ritual style.
    I would actually love to hear more about this, if you have the time send me a email. Bright Blessings.

  5. It is the will of the summoner that is most important in a working such as you propose.
    The oldest known Names for these “spirits” {some might say demons, some might say elementals} are in the old hebrew texts, which is where the Judeo-Christian tradition has most of it’s roots.
    The thing is, what you are thinking about here is really dangerous, not because the Elementals are evil, but, because they are what they are and you HAVE to take that in to account.
    What will you do with it once you have summoned it? Do you have a request or task? Do you know how to set up a time limit and how to send it back? You can’t just leave an energy source like that floating around in the mundane world, and they don’t like to go back!
    Think before you dabble.

  6. I personally am of the opinion you shouldn’t be using the names of beings you don’t believe in or wish to work with. However, some ritual magicians talk about the names of God as being “power words,” that the tones of the words themselves encourage certain qualities and, thus, a non-christian could still use them.


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