Serious Question Experts Only! – Is my house (the area I live in) trying to kill me? If so, how do I stop it?





by Wfire3:

Need some serious advice from spiritual experts.
I`m an American guy who`s been living overseas for the past 9 years. I really like it here. I`ve always been overly healthy, happy and pretty lucky. I work hard, play hard, have good family values and really have dedicated my life to healing and helping other people. Until 2004, everything in my life seemed to be going great. I was working a normal job but I still was able to save a lot of money and focus on my goals and dreams and take care of what I needed to so I never had any financial problems. I was really healthy, no stress and my luck was very good so whenever I wanted something or tried something new, everything always seemed to go my way. I worked hard, got my own place and was living an almost completely carefree life. I realized how fortunate I was and always tried to share my positive energy with the people around me.
In 2004, I decided to leave in order to go study medicine abroad. I was working and just saving money for school when I met my wife. We decided to stay in here and live together for a few years. Originally the plan was to save money and move away together so that I could go to school. But things didn`t really got that smoothly. I notice my luck changed a little bit when I met my gf… her luck wasn`t so good at the time when we were dating for a few things.
We moved to my gf`s neighborhood because it`s really convenient for getting to work (my old place was more country side and an hour`s train ride to my job but the environment was much better)! But immediately after my gf and I moved from my place, I notice my life and my luck completely switched! I`ve lived in many different places before by myself or with other gf`s and I never had any problems like this… My gf`s luck got REALLY good because she`s living where she grew up and everyone in the community has known her all her life, but my luck personally got REALLY BAD.
Even though I had a better job making a lot more money than my previous jobs, and my gf was working it was impossible to save or invest in anything. I was always stressed and I started having a lot of health issues from overwork. I think that`s pretty standard for some relationships, especially when guys start talking about getting married and preparing for family stuff right?
I just tried to work harder and focus my energy on getting to where I wanted to be, which has always worked for me in the past. But I noticed that no matter what I did, how much effort I put in or what I managed to build, something completely uncontrollable ALWAYS happens to destroy my work or set me back. This is especially true when it comes my my decision to leave the country.
I haven`t taken a vacation outside for the past 5 years, even though I plan to do so almost every year and really work hard to make it so. Something always happens to keep me here. For example, for the past 4 years, every time I make plans to leave or take a vacation outside of the country (even to the point of reserving airplane tickets ) something like this will happen, and each year it seems to get more severe:
1) gf gets pregnant so can`t travel to meet my family (has happened twice)
2) work financial issues (contract expiry or company financial problems that force me to find another job)
3) terminal sickness & death in the wife`s family
Last year I was actually trying to leave due to a major health related issue I had developed. I made plans to see a doctor in the U.S. in March… but in Feb. BOOM! Two major happened in my gf`s family and at my job (I got cut due to the company`s financial problems) so I couldn`t leave and I had to use my hospital money to make sure I could support my family so I`M STILL HERE and the situation keeps getting worse even though I work hard trying to improve it.
It`s not just stuff like that either. I also notice that even small things don`t work out for me in this area. For example, if there`s something I really need at a store, it`s always sold out, without fail. Even when we go to a restaurant and I order something from the menu, it`s NEVER there if I order it myself. I have to get my gf to order it for me REALLY (and it`s not language issue because I speak fairly fluently). Also, when I try to focus my energy on something, like writing or my hobbies (I like to study and learn new stuff), something always immediately happens to distract ot make it to where I can`t study.
Sometimes my gf will go to see her friends for an entire weekend and I`ll have the place to myself so I want to do some creative writing or study. What happens? She leaves the house, I cut off the TV, turn up the music and get into “my zone”. 15 minutes into writing ZAP! My computer DIES for unexplained reasons (which never happens at all unless I`m trying to do something secific… if I`m sufficiently NOT trying to do anything constructive, everything works fine. I`m a professional computer technician by the way so I kee
When I do get away from this area, I notice that my luck and health immediate reverts back to being normal and positive if I can stay away for over a few days. But as soon as I come back home, something REALLY BAD immediately happens.
Now, the kicker… I live right beside a large river… I recently did some research on the area I`m living in and found out that during WWII, the U.S. carpet-bombed the area I`m living in and basically burnt it to the ground? A lot of burning locals jumped into the river by my house but most of them didn`t make it out…
I`m wondering is that could be the source of my bad luck and if so, what are my options. Trying to leave obviously isn`t working so I`m wondering if there`s a way I can battle against whatever this is and how I can win, or if I should just grab a backpack, and get the hell out of here! I have a feeling that if I ever really try to leave this area this house (area) is going to make sure I never make it to my destination…
When I say I live “by the river” I mean I can jump out of my window and SPLASH! that close… but if you see pictures of this area from WWII, this whole area was a massive grave of burnt bodies… I didn`t know this until last year and my gf had no clue even though she`s native (because she sucks at history… I know more than she does… Besides, there`s no problems for her because this area is where her grandparents and ancestors lived for I don`t know how long…) but for me; even though I don`t know why and I get along really well with the locals and the community, this place seems to be cursed ground.
I`m not normally superstitious and I never really even believed in this kind of stuff at all… But there`s something going on here that I can`t explain about this place and now that I have a son, it`s a bit more of a concern because he`s a lot like me. Normally very positive, energetic and lots of potential do do whatever he sets his mind to if he`s in the proper environment.

Answer by |Gordon| |Freeman|
Call an electrification or a moving company. No “killer house experts” exist.


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