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I know it’s sleep paralysis, right! I had Old Hag syndrome back when I was younger. I finally got rid of her last year by doing some serious praying and over come my fear. But I think it’s happening to my daughter (6). She would come to my bed every night claiming she has a nightmare, one day she told me she saw a woman sitting in the corner of her room. Ever since then she has been complaining of stomach ache before bed time. Her talking toy would be going off when I lay her down. After a couple of days later I took the batteries out, and the same night the phone in my room was making a humming noise, woke my wife and I up. Yesterday evening, while we were watching TV, my son alarm clock went off and he said he did not set it. This morning (my daughter slept in my bed when my wife goes to work) I woke up at 3:16 am and I heard a voice say, “hey”. I was wide awake, but was too scared to get up and look around. After some praying I got enough courage to look outside my room.
Beside my symptom this has never happen before, and the house was brand new when we bought it. I can go on and on, but my question is how do I get rid of it without scaring my wife and won’t make me look like a complete nut? Or how do I tell my daughter to face her fear? She’s only 6 and I have advised her pray before bed time.
Effy, thank for your input. I never mention anything about ghost. And it’s happening to my daughter?
Thank all of you for your inputs and prayer. AI M, the reason I mentioned sleep paralisis at the begining is because everybody assumes it’s just that. I should have made myself clearer about “praying”. It’s not just so I can shun her off so she could go to bed. I’m telling her to really ask god/Jesus to protect her. And that’s what I did to me. I do some what believe in supersition and holy spirits. Most importantly I believe in “sh!t happens”. So what is that makes me? Thanks again for all your advise and most of all for not judging.


  1. If you believe in ghosts it’s probably ghosts..
    If everyone sees/hears the stuff that’s happening then it can’t just be some condition. Strange though.

  2. So, I take it this isn’t the hag syndrome of feeling pressure on your chest. From my understanding this symptom can be taken care of by drinking water durring the day more often and exersise or steaching durring the evening.
    I would give your child a guardian toy or perhaps some reminder of someone who look after her as she dreams. Or maybe even have her sleep in your room for a night.
    Many pepole talk in their sleep. Perhaps this is what you heard, either yourself or someone else speaking in their sleep.
    I’m sure your wife will understand that your daughter is having nightmares and perhaps she has some advice as well that might help. Talk with your daughter about how nightmares aren’t real. Comfort her that you and your wife will be around when she wakes up and make time to listen to her nightmares and let her know that you are willing to listen.

  3. Maybe it was Baba Yaga? You should look outside the window to see if her flying hut is anywhere nearby.
    Well, praying to a nonexistent being to get rid of a nonexistent being makes perfect sense!
    I’m aware of sleep paralysis and have experienced it myself. When one goes to sleep the body basically is “disconnected” so when you are dreaming you hopefully won’t thrash around and hurt yourself or any butt-buddies, I mean bed-buddies. But sometimes, a person wakes up while still in this state of temporary paralysis. Can be quite terrifying for a person who has never experienced it. Best thing [forget superstitions like praying] is relax and go back to sleep.
    The ancients in Rome and Greece invented the “Night Hag” drivel and during the Middle-Ages such cases of sleep paralysis were called “Incubus or Succubus” attacks.
    In reality, no entity of any kind is involved. It is a physical mechanism, which sometimes goes awry. I’ve experienced it myself: it was dark, awake but unable to move, a crushing weight on my chest [possibly a mild heart attack given the events of a couple of weeks later] and a sense of total dread and craving fear. But I, being rational, knew what it was, and went back to sleep and woke up at the normal time with no serious problems.

  4. This sounds really scary. Are you out in a rather rural area? When my parents first moved, and took me with them, I had very similar experiences. One comes to mind specifically, when all the smoke alarms in the house went off at the same time…at JUST ABOUT midnight, give or take 15 minutes in either direction. It was loud and woke us all up from a sound sleep.
    ANYWAY, find some “symbols of goodness” that you can hang over your bed, your daughter’s bed, maybe over your doors, etc. This might be rosaries, crucifixes, religious pictures…I don’t really know. What’s important is that YOU and your DAUGHTER believe in the things you choose. They need to help you both remember that God is always watching over you, and that He will protect you from any evils that try to invade your house and your sleep.

  5. Well to get rid of her without anyone seeing (your not a nut by the way 🙂 ) you can try having a clearing ceremony in the name of the Lord. Go to your local church and fill up a good sized container with holy water. When you get home you can light some candles (white) or even buy some with holy pictures on em and light one in each room of the house. After you light them call on God and on your guardian angel (if you believe in one) or any being of protection you believe in to be with you and to protect you while you drive this spirit from your house. Picture Love Light and Peace surround you in the form of white light. When your done with that you start driving the spirit out; Just let the Lord send you words to use. Say whatever you feel is right. It could be something as simple as” In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit I banish you from my home and from everything in it” – whatever you chose to say, go around the house saying this and doing the sign on the cross. With the Holy Water, draw a cross with it over each door and over each window. Also dont hesitate to draw a cross with the Holy Water over anything you are drawn to 🙂 To end it you can stand by the entrance of the house and call out loud and forceful (you cant show any fear) something like “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you out of this house and anything in it NOW!” Lastly you can do anything that you feel should be done to end this beautiful ceremony ; say a few prayers, play some music you really really like (something that makes u happy) just do something that in your mind and heart seals the ceremony 🙂
    I hope this helps 🙂
    As for what your daughter could do to face her fears maybe you can get a little squirt bottle and fill it up with Holy Water and tell her that with it whenever she sees the spirit of feels it, to squirt the Holy Water at it 🙂 I saw this method used for children on a paranormal show where people go to houses that need help with this sort of stuff 🙂
    I hope I helped a bit.
    Love Light and Peace 🙂

  6. Unfortunately, those who answered here didn’t mention the strange things going on in the daytime when you and your family were NOT asleep. Granted, the stuff that’s happening at night can be night terrors, although they seem extremely real, mostly it’s just your brain playing tricks on you, even if you think that you totally wake up. As for alarms going off on their own, could it be a power surge of some kind? And just because a house is new doesn’t mean it can’t be “haunted”. If something tragic took place even on the land where the house is, that can attract spirits as well. Check the house looking for anything that could explain the strange going-ons. Tell your wife about everything too, you’ll need her help and strength. And if you think your house could be haunted, look into the history of the land. Good luck friend.

  7. You start by saying you’re smart enough to know that it’s sleep paralysis, then in almost the next sentence you say you “got rid of her by doing some serious praying”.
    So what is it? Are you so superstitious (or religious, if you will, pretty much the same in my book) that you believe in the Old Hag? Or are you rational enough to know that what you experienced was due to a bit of your brain being asleep while enough was functioning for you to be conscious of your surroundings?
    Six year old kids come into their parents bedroom and bed on the slightest provocation. They are probably especially prone to do so if they pick up signals from their parents that they are anxious and uncertain about what they perceive to be unusual things going on in the child’s bedroom.
    How do you do anything about the apparently random series of not very scary things that you’re fixating on without looking like a nut to your wife? Hmmmm… Got me there. I really have no idea how you could maintain the appearance of sanity while acting loopy.
    As for your child, I note that you say that you “have advised her” to pray before bedtime. If you’re a believer in some deity, as it seems you are, and you believe that the god of your choice was able to assist you in dealing with your nighttime problems, don’t you think that a good parent would do a bit more than say, “Just pray to Jesus, Suzie,” pat her on her head and send her off to face the night on her own? I’m certain I would not agree with whatever lessons you might be inclined to teach her, but I suspect you would be more helpful to your child if you went into her room at her bedtime, spent a little while listening to her talk about her day in the hope that she might let you in on what’s bothering her about nighttime and then maybe pray with her in a way that makes her feel that she’s not alone even if she’s the only person in the room when you leave.

  8. Cleanse your home by burning sage walk though your home blessing each room the words are not so important as the intention. Continue to ask the entity to leave go on to someplace else you don`t want her in you home , leave some windows open. Surround your home with salt. It might take several trys . If not seek professional help.

  9. Hello
    Old Hag is just a name given to sleep paralysis & in no way connected to spirit, your daughter has obviously been influenced by your beliefs.

    • My friend, I wish you were right. I.m 70 years old and it started at 18. Not often but quiet enough. I would try to reason out the situation while laying paralized with fear as she walked around my bed before sitting on my chest and choking me. It stopped a few years ago when anger replaced fear. It is absolutely spiritual.

  10. all right – talking to you straight up. First off, the easy things. Your daughter’s stomach hurts because she’s scared. The ‘weird’ things are minor things and only seem ‘spooky’ because of what else is going on. The ‘hey’ was some kind of weird ear echo I can’t explain but have never met a person that hadn’t, a some point, seemed to hear a voice that wasn’t there – always just at waking or just at sleeping. Some kind of brain misfire. That’s the easy stuff, okay? Its only scary because you’re attaching it to the nightmares. By itself its just the regular weirdness of every day life.
    On to the nightmares and I’m going to be using Christian terms – if by ‘praying’ you meant anything other than talking to Jesus Christ, my advice isn’t going to work for you. In scriptural terms this is a ‘spirit of fear’. As in – ‘God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind’ (II Timothy 1:7) It sounds like that fear has been following you around for a long time. YA is not the place to be looking for an answer to this kind of thing. You need to go to a person you know is close with God and get guidance from them, someone that walks the walk as well as talks the talk. If you don’t know one, you need to ask God to bring you someone. The word you’re looking for is deliverance and God will be gentle enough that you don’t need jumping and screaming and running around (like a complete nut) to achieve it, all right? Though frankly my theory is ‘if it works…’ Anyway, there is no greater gift a child can have than a praying father that’s willing to fight to keep her safe. Your child is only 6 – that’s old enough to begin resisting the works of the devil so that they will flee (James 4:7-8) and to draw close into the protection of God but its your job to teach her how and to stand in the way for her. If I were you I wouldn’t be scared – I’d be angry. This is your daughter the devil is messing with. How dare he use a weakness in your life to try to bleed down into your innocent children? If you’re a Christian Jesus gave you authority over that kind of thing (Luke 10:19-20) and you have as much right to stand on that as you would if someone came and tried to take your house away from you when you’ve got the signed legal deed in your name in your hand. To help your daughter you need to teach her those scriptures and that she’s got a right to claim those promises whenever the fear tries to come. She needs to know God loves her so much that he will keep those kinds of things away from her and give her sweet dreams when she sleeps. Consider getting her Christian music put out by Hosanna or Maranatha Music to play in her bedroom quietly at night while she goes to sleep. There’s also a beautiful painting by Ron DiCianni of a father praying next to his sleeping child while outside an angel of the Lord stops an angel of darkness from coming closer. It would be good for both of you ( Your child shouldn’t have to live in fear and frankly, neither should you. Something in your past triggered this, you will need help finding what the root cause of it is. But while you do, there’s absolutely no reason for you or your child to put up with this kind of control. Take it seriously, but realize that the promises of God and the power of Jesus are so much more than the tricks of the devil to control your life. Read up on your Bible scriptures and repeat them whenever the need arises. The closer you draw to God the harder it is going to be for the devil to touch you and yours. For your daughter – Psalm 91:4 (

  11. I find it ironic, that people will tell you it’s not spirits, but then reference God (whom is in actuality in the same category). If you can’t see God, but you believe in him.. why is a hag nothing more than sleep paralysis? That’s a bit close minded if you ask me.

        • No you don’t Swear You need to ask God to remove them from you take a salt bath with prayers . I used black sea salt .anything that you pick up while you’re walking around when you buy old furniture sometimes it comes with attachments and they attached to you or your family they like to attach them self to people.Their goal is to pull you away From God . They put a lot of negative thoughts in your head and influence you to do things you normally wouldn’t do they do it very gradually you wouldn’t even think this was happening to you .Do a house cleansing with white sage holy water and prayers you supposed to do this once a year. All in Gods name our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been through a lot since I was a little girl I’m 48 This one helps a lot but you have to be strong you got to fill your soul with God’s light and ask him for strength you cannot fear them you don’t curse at them . You asked God to help and he’ll help you with that ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. I personally dealt with the old hag and she kept getting closer to me over time. It got to the point around the age of 25 that I had not slept in weeks and I was beginning to feel the loss of reality. I believe this entity feeds from negative energy and fear. I personally, as a Buddhist, could not find peace through the church so I spoke to a monk and also a witch. In order to remove this entity from your life, I would suggest bringing a great deal of postivity into your life. If you believe in magic, you can also look into positive white magic to help you. I have avoided her influence by surrounding myself with positive thoughts, images, and happiness before I rest. I believe that this is a way to keep her at bay but she will always follow you waiting for weakness. Something like this seems to be a creation before life as we know it and therefore feeds off of things we are not aware of. Try to bring a great deal of postitive people, experiences, and objects into your life and think about them before you sleep. This is the only repellent I have found to work. I have tried Wiccan arts to be ineffective for myself.
    I wish you the best of luck with this horrible beast.

    • I would also try an age old trick and tactic that had been used within all religions for demonic entities which is to ask for the being’s name. This will be hard under the influence of paralysis however I feel such entities do not communicate physically but rather through the mind and a deep plain. When you first encounter the being, question the name in your mind. Most negative energies are far too proud and egotistical not to state their own name. This is merely their nature.

  13. Recently i had my first experience of sleep paralysis that i know of. Im 22 years old, & in the USMC. There was old women trying to get into my room, then my door opened, this whole time i was tying to wake up my pregnant wife, who was sleeping next to me, but I couldn’t my body was locked, & i could see the old women geeting closer, along with flashes of people in big boiling pots. & she was saying something to me which i cant remember right now, but her voice was very creepy and raspy. The moment was so real, And im trying to yell to my wife to wake up and run, but like i said i was stuck, then finally my arm shot over and I accidentally hit her in her stomach, and i took a deep breath, & was sweating, & she asked what the hell was wrong with me and to be careful, & i told her what happened and shes had them too but with shadow people. But at the time of me telling her the story, im still seeing things but my eyes are closed and awake. It was like i was looking through another persons eyes, and there was a man and women dressed in old style clothing, maybe elizabethan era? Im not sure, i dont the styles of history. But they draped a clothe or towlet over whomever or what ever i was looking through. The women was a blonde, she was pretty with jewelry and her clothes were black. The male was a brunette, with a black suit on i think it was? But whatever it was it was creepy. I knew i was awake during this point. Bc after i asked my wife if were just talking and she said “yes, you just hit my damn stomach”. Idk it was all really weird.

  14. I’m a 14 year old girl and last night I thought my mom was reaching over me bc I felt a push on my chest but I woke up and couldn’t move and I could move my toes and that was it tears were coming down my face as I couldn’t breath and idk what to do?.

    • Yes sleep paralysis is what the Dr’s will call it- until they live it. To get rid of the hag that’s bothering you , you’ll need 3 things to put under your bed. A colander (strainer) A hairbrush and a small broom. This keeps the hag busy because she is distracted by such things and likes to count. And she will count each bristle or hole until morning comes. I had one visit Hag visit me each night in my teens, but I had one to visit me More recently last year . This went on for several months- my husband thought I might be going crazy. But then I remembered what to do- these items are under my bed right now and I haven’t seen or felt the hag since.

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