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Self defence with Wudang style Tai Chi?

I am starting Wudang style Tai Chi soon. I wanted to start Tai Chi to have a way of relaxing when i feel stressed and also to use as self defence when i need to. Will this style fit my criteria?


  1. That really depends on the teacher. Advanced Tai Chi is meant as a martial art only too many teachers never get that far before they actually start teaching and then it is only a relaxing stretching exercise. Some teachers go really wild and mystify the h@!! out of it too.
    I trained in Tai Chi in China and at my Tai Chi school they spend many hours every day learning fighting skills as in sparing matches and kicking and punching pads.

  2. Tai Chi was created for self defense and war. Tai Chi is first and foremost a MA. Any health benefits are byproducts of ur own hard work. Anyone who teaches Tai Chi as a health exercise has it ass backwards and has no idea what theyre talking about.
    The effectiveness of any MA, especially complex ones like Tai Chi depends on how knowlegable the instructor is and how much time u put into it. All MAs require alot of hard work.
    Good luck


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