Seizures and Auras?

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Today in one of my classes, I was overcome with a rather sudden fatigue, and ended up falling asleep (it’s a large class, I was in the back, and the notes are online, so I’m not immediately worried). And it’s hardly the first time I’ve fallen asleep in class, so even though the onset was rapid, it’s not unheard of. However, upon waking, everyone in the room seemed to have a slight aura. So did the chalk-board for some reason.
I know that auras are sometimes associated with seizures, but I’ve only ever heard of them occurring before seizures, not after. Could I have possibly had a minor seizure, and is this one instance cause for concern?

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I would definately tell a neurologist.


A seizure is a sudden change in behavior due to an excessive electrical activity in the brain. Whether or not the aura was associated with the seizure I do not know. You should go to your doctor and let him evaluate you. This could be a number of things, and you definitely don’t want to keep having seizures. This is briefly what I know about seizures:
Any condition that results in abnormal electrical excitation of the brain may result in a seizure, including:
Injury or trauma to the head
Infection (brain abscess, meningitis)
Brain tumor
Also, any medical condition that irritates brain cells may result in a seizure. Common medical conditions that commonly cause seizures include:
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
Drug use (especially cocaine or stimulants)
Alcohol withdrawal
Very high fever
Don’t panic just go get checked out~~~Take care and I hope this info helped out. Easy on the Auras:))
Check out this website too!


aura perception is common not uncommon, most however dismiss it exept in certain circumstances, i would say you were so relaxed when you woke that you simply saw what was there.
i teach meditation and it is quite the norm for those who have not interest in aura to refer to seeing colours when they come back to full awareness. this is because they are open, relaxed and when a group in a room has a shared focus it enhances the energy in a room.
aura is not a spiritual phenomenon and has been acknowledged and measured as light energy emissions, it is accepted today that these emissions eminate from the cell, the light travels at a speed of 186,0000 miles per second. everyone feels this at least sometimes and some people see it. cool


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