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Seeking good luck charm/positive energy?

I have had a string of rather bad luck. Somehow I wonder if I’m putting out some negative energy or somehow drawing it to me.
Although it’s sort of new age-y, I’m wondering what I can do to “clear my karma” and end this run of bad luck and draw some good luck to me–either via lucky charms or other sources of positive energy.
(Yes, I’m a superstitious person 🙂


  1. Work hard, maintain a positive attitude, take responsibility for your actions, make good choices, and rid your mind of trivial distractions.
    Works even for non-superstitious people…..

  2. Belief in karma is hardly ‘new age-y’ my dear! However, I doubt it is karmic energy you are dealing with. Here are some suggestions…
    Our mind is very powerful. You must draw good, positive energy to you. You can do this by meditating on what good things you want to have happen to you. Do not think about the bad that has happened but concentrate on the good that will happen and thank God or the Universe for all the good things in your life. Find and start wearing hemitite or obsidian. This are both good negative energy repelers. Couple this with quartz, which helps attract positive energy.
    Have your chakras cleared and your aura cleansed. You can do this yourself with a warm salt bath or have it done by a professional. You might also want to try Reiki, it is a wonderful method and a great way of clearing out old, unwanted personal energy.

  3. Could be that someone is sending bad vibes your way so you need to protect yourself. Meditation and positive thinking are good ways to do that but you may also need a little help from the powers that be. Try burning some sage (or a smudging stick) to cleanse your surroundings – it’s an old native american tradition that is said to repel evil. I went through a period of bad luck and someone told me about the sage so I tried it and my luck started to changed right away.

  4. I tell you, I also believe in the “karma” thing but…BUT…but…don’t let it ruin your life. These are the exact things that an individual should do:
    >be positive
    >share ur problems (if u have)
    >be careful with everything
    >And,,, it is only up to you if you would like to be prisoner of your “karma” or be a fighter who do fights in a different way… In a way wherein you fight for the right!!!
    Happy day!

  5. Good luch charms are odd things. You can’t really “find” one. They tend to find you. Look around for the next day or two. A good luck charm is always a trinket-y type thing, small enough to put in a pocket and usually flat enough to wear inside your clothing. When something attracts your attention, handle it for a moment. If it feels right, you’ll know it. If you find several things, try them all.
    Now the weird bit: purify them with salt (just put them in a bowl and cover them with salt over night. The salt is said to cleanse them of all negative energy and to remove all traces of anyone else who has handled them. Then wear them next to your skin for a day (this is said to charge them with your positive energies) and sleep with them under you pillow for one night (this is said to charge them with your dreams). Voila! Magical good luck from then on. 🙂
    Naturally, you guard them carefully. Don’t give your luck away and don’t lose it.


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