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Seek our genealogy roots…yet not our spiritual soul roots…why.?

People often seek to trace their geneology family ties (or adoption) for interest and to maybe understand the ‘ways’ of their family more…at times for the purpose of understanding themselfs more. Why does one not just as advidly seek who they are to God soulfully (not just religiously). It’s nice to understand your ‘italian’ roots and language, japanese roots / language etc. But to authentically understand the soulful connectnedness and soul language…that to me is real awakening of understanding. Your thoughts?


  1. Maybe YOU don’t seek out your spiritual roots, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t. Don’t hang your issues on the rest of us, and don’t make assumptions about people you don’t know.

  2. When someone said to Jesus “Your relatives are outside and they have come to visit you.” Jesus replied “Who are my relatives and who are my kin? They that keep the commandments of God.”
    He wasn’t interested in temporal relations, only in spiritual relations.

  3. Because people often learn about their ancestors and beliefs. One set of my ancestors were Amish who came to this country for their beliefs. Their faith strengthens my faith. As I learn more about their particular Amish sect (Brethren), I understand more about my mother’s conflict in beliefs and how it has shaped my life. Although my grandmother left the fold and the small community no longer exists, it is interesting to me. There are others who contributed to who I am today. Knowning the journey of your family of origin can be very fascinating.

  4. The thought is based on an incomplete understanding of the religious process. It can never be differentiated from the civilisation process. As you must have noticed that different races had distint religious concepts dearly held by them as ultimate truths. When they came into contact with other civilisations and cultures-not necessarily in a clash or conflict-the foundations of these faith inherent in them must have been moved.As the races mixed and mingled and underwent various transformations there is a urge in some of them to go back to their roots to know how far they have wandered from their origins. There is always a wistful desire among humans to back to their roots which sometimes help them to know themselves better. This is a healty trait. It is not different from the religious roots you are talking about because our geneological and religious roots are so interwined together as to be inseparable. To term this quest as mere physical is to underestimate. It is also psyshological. We are almost trying to discover our souls.
    This miscoception arises because we have inserted a wedge between religion and life. This is not so. In India we find that the religious concepts are inextricably interwined with day to day life.To lead a proper life is synomymus with being religious.Religion is not a weekly affair of visiting church on sundays. We find there that even temples are full of din and bustle with people discussing their home affairs which nobody thinks is in any way denigrating the awe of the god’s abode.For them god is their cohort. Among African converts this meeting and mingling of life with religion is seen. Whenever they have a problem in day-to-day life they carry on a conversation with Jesue as if he were sitting next to them and consulting him on various purely temporal issues.

  5. Genealogy is fun. It can go back for countless generation. Our spiritual genealogy is simple; Us <== Heavenly Father. One generation!


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