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Seeing, sensing auras: why do some believe it is just about the colors and not spiritual insight?

The colors or sensations of the energy represent the internal workings of that soul inhabiting human form. It’s not just a light show. And for someone to see and sense a person on that level is often scary. The energy present is not always enjoyable. I have sensed dark, evil energy in people who had pasted firm smiles on their faces and looked like your everyday joe. Where spirituality comes in is accepting what you are seeing and sensing, running it through your own filters and working with your own energy in turn. This is a whole other level to self exploration. I know many people who aren’t even willing to reflect upon their thoughts or words (some in this forum).
What are your thoughts on all of this? Thanks in advance.


  1. You’re right it’s not just a light show. Like I said I don’t see color but I have picked up some really nasty energy from people I’ve walked past. One man I walked towards was really bad. I saw the violence he had done. It was the first time I’d seen anything like that. I just wanted to get away from him. I’ve seen people that glowed with goodness.
    This is very interesting.

  2. It is real. One day we will ALL be able to have this ability. It’s not very useful in day to day life, but it helps you spiritually in other ways…like being more connected to people’s emotions and feelings. Call me crazy, but I see auras, I have my whole life. I trained myself to not see them. They are real to me because I can see them with my own eyes. Trust me, I learned not to share this with people in person. I still use it from time to time to determine a person’s mood or character. I know it’s real cause I see it. Peace. 🙂

  3. Yes I don’t really see colors per se…faintly sometimes…it is health, joy, anger, illness, hate, all the things that come out of organisms that is a type of energy…and yes, that is very very very disturbing to a person who has not eased into this mind state…but now, I couldn’t live without this ability…I need it to shop, to deal with others, to care for plants, pets, family…you get the picture…

  4. i believe the author’s intent of this question was to ask why some people interperet the viewing of the aura and other bio-energetic fields surrounding and permeating the corporeal shell called a body as a mere show, rather than something insightful and revealing of the person being viewed
    to which i respond, some people are only in this life for enertainment, not to gain knowledge or experience through learning about oneself and the world around them

  5. To me, it’s more of impressions of color. Though I have seen color radiating from someone, others see these very clearly and vividly…and very real! We each interpret the world for ourselves…no one can say what the experience of another is really like…


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