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Seeing auras?

I have been trying to learn how to see auras for a few years now. I feel that even if I don’t have the ability, i still have the capacity, so it’s a matter of intuition and figuring it out. I rented a book about it once; the author suggested I start by looking at plants. Well, I tried. (Nothing feels stupider than having your Mom walk in to the room:”So, what are you doing?” “Um, just trying to see this plant’s…uh…aura.”) Anyway, I tried it, and it didn’t work. And before anyone thinks I am some hippy-dippy tree-hugger (too late), I will say that I am a scientific Christian girl trying to expand her horizons. So if you only want to leave a post explaining that I suck or have no life, please save your breath (or, since we all type here, you fingers). If, on the other hand, you are a person who genuinely wants to help by offering me knowledge and suggestions, any effort you make to help me will be greatly appreciated.
To see things at a distance of about ten feet or more, I have to wear glasses. I hope that isn’t a problem.
I only placed this question under mythology and folklore because there didn’t seem to be anywhere else that it fit…and please don’t answer the question by saying ‘I don’t know’.


  1. Try studying a martial art,prefferably a chinese one,learn how to feel and manipulate your ch’i,which is your aura.Read the Tao te ching too

  2. I’d say just relax. If you focus too hard you won’t see a darn thing. Just like chasing an animal, your best approach is slowly and patiently if you want it to get close. Or even those drawings with the hidden image, you have to relax your eyes…same concept.

  3. I think you are trying TOO hard. Try having some of your friends just hang out one at a time against a white back round. At first you are not going to see super bright colors or images….just and impression. Go with that. as you start to tune into different auras they will become more defined and clear. You are “seeing” with your third eye…if you need glasses or not …it won’t matter.

  4. I don’t have a lot of experience with auras, but I’m pretty sure that what my friend described as seeing are actually simple afterimages, that get shifted from the object of interest slightly when the eyes or head moves. Since the movement is very slight there is only a sliver of the afterimage visible, outlining the object, that looks like an aura.

  5. Well hun i really like that you are trying to expand your mind in such a way, but let me tell you this it can be very dangerous to find out those kinds of things about people some things are better when left alone. What i would really recomend you can do is try a bit of meditation you have to start by sensing your own aura before you can sense anyone elses. After you have done this it is all downhill but remember this to sense other people you have to practice a lot and maintain a great inner peace so if you lead a very stressful life don’t even trying cause you’ll just end up getting frustrated and add more presure to you life. Any questions just contact me k? Hope you manage to do it
    Ps. using glasses doesn’t affect the least bit, i can’t see 3 feet without them lol

  6. no you actually have to look past and through the subject, i can also feel it! no i have no idea how i know i just know, you will feel it.i feel it sometimes from far away, this is very unusual, now no i am not certifiable, and to answer the next question most people have a weak aura, so you need to find a strong one, then you will be able to see the lesser ones. hope i helped, did no research it just happens!

  7. I will tell you what I believe. We might not be believing same thing though. Because I am Buddhist and the way we believe is that all the living things have Aura. Even Tree has Aura, Grass has Aura. But they are very small and insiginificant comparing with Human Being’s Aura. And like wise, the Aura of Human Being are not same for each other. For those people who are not pure have less Aura than for those who are pure in their heart. The thing is trying to see the Aura of innocent person, then you will see clearly than a sinful person.
    You can’t see Aura. You can only feel it. That’s how you see it. Try meditating as your religion way. For us, we meditate by closing our eyes and trying to focus on our breath. After some practise, you can actually see (in your mind) the breath (inhaling and exhaling). Do not try to see other people’s Aura first. Try to focus your Aura. Like I said, if you are pure in your heart, you will see your Aura clearly.
    Hope this makes sense.

  8. It’s actually better for your vision to be slightly blurry when you try to do this. Look slightly to the right and up from the person or thing’s aura you are trying to read. It’ll be visible if you have the ability.

  9. Aura Seeing is a gift and an artform. You can hone your gift, but like my dad used to say “SOme cats got it and some cats ain’t” Stick to your talents. I am mildly good at it, but it takes a lot of practice.

  10. Teaching to see the aura?
    Here is how in 10 steps:
    1) Place a sign on your door saying, “Please do not disturb,” and let your folks know that you do a meditation exercise. Ask them not to knock but wait until you come out of the room. You must be undisturbed to start with.
    2) Have a friend sit in front of a one-colored wall, best light blue, dark blue or white (or hang up a sheet of such color), with soft light coming in from one side.
    3) Stand in front of the friend, may be 1-2 yards away (can be more). Relax, close your eyes, go into Alpha. The Alpha State is a scientifically measurable state with slowed brain waves around 8 hertz (8 cycles per second). You may try a biofeedback device in a store which will tell you when you are in Alpha, to know how it feels: very peaceful! When you think someone will enter your room while doing this exercise, you may not be in Alpha! You must be undisturbed, at least as a beginner.
    4) Gently open your eyes and look about 1/2 foot above your friend’s head without focussing, look as if you look toward the horizon. Keep your eyes totally still, no blinking.
    5) After some time, you may see a white shine around the friend’s head, and you may be likely to focus at this point. The attempt to focus makes the shine go away!
    6) Start over, going into Alpha, looking above your friend’s head as if looking to the horizon. Keep your eyes still. The shine may come up again after some time. This time try not to focus in order to hold the image in your sight.
    7) Watch the shine, it may expand and shrink, it is not a static appearance of some after glow! Note that this shine is very fine, not like light falling on a white wall! The aura around the head is strongest so that it is easiest to see.
    8) After some practice with the white shine, you may try to see colors: The colors are so fine that it is hard to imagine, fine like a colored fog may be, even finer. Once you have learned to tune into this fineness, you can see the colors more vividly, gold yellow, green, purple, blue etc.! It is quite a “fire works.” Even in church you can practice seeing the aura of your Priest; they often have an amazing aura, and it moves and changes color while they preach, depending on their thoughts.
    9) I found is easiest to see the aura around people’s head to start with. Later you can identify the aura around the body, around plants, mountains, animals etc. It is fun to watch the auras! You can do this anywhere, discretely.
    10) You may also start seeing bright color dots appearing around people. These are like thought forms. Bright glowing colors are positive, dull or black dots negative (thoughts or health).
    Happy aura-viewing, everybody who can see can learn it! We all have the tool to see the aura: our own eyes! You may want to take your glasses off for this exercise, they are not necessary for it.
    The Aura is mentioned in the Bible, just not by this name!
    Happy Aura-Viewing! Its easy when in Alpha, where all healing begins.
    Cordially, India.Magica


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