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Seeing auras??? Please help.?

My daughter is five years old, and she is convinced she sees color around people. It sounds like what the New Age folks call “auras.” I don’t believe in them though, so is there a medical explanation for seeing auras. Could it be an eye problem? I would like to get this figured out so I can nip it in the bud. I don’t want her to grow up feeling like she’s crazy. If it is an eye problem, is it something that can be corrected?


  1. Well guess what? They exist. There’s even cameras that can photograph them, it’s called kirlian photography. I can see them too. A whole lot more than “new age folk” have been seeing them for thousands of years.
    To the tard below. Ignorance and arrogance go in hand.

  2. its not an eye problem dw. Read Angel Kids by Jacky Newcomb its about loads of kids who stuff like that and how to cope with it as a parent. It’s not just New Age who believe in that too.
    It’s not a bad thing.

  3. When I was five I had an imaginary cat. Now I have two cats. Children say all sorts of weird stuff, it’s what makes them great!
    You should have her eyes checked by a competent OPTOMETRIST, don’t go to a simple “eye check” at WalMart or whatever.
    My wife is an O.D. , and she has kids coming in pretending to have all sorts of odd things going on, usually it’s just them doing it for fun, sometimes it’s for attention, and vary rarely there is a problem.
    Eyes are important, ask a Dr.. not Yahoo.
    And well.. you do know that Thelma Moss, the person who popularized kirlian photography was a acid popping mental patient right? And that all it does is show the discharge of the electrical field that YOU NEED TO PUT ON IT FOR IT TO WORK..

  4. There is no harm in having her eyes tested but there is great harm in being so dogmatic that one ‘nips in the bud’ one of the beautiful blooms that God has sent to flower for us.

  5. They do not exist leichenteilchen, if you can prove that they do, just as with Kirlean photography, James Randi will gladly give you his $1,000,000 (first link).
    Here he is testing a man who claims he can see auras on a television program. (second link).
    Last link is on the reality of Kirlean photography.
    I apologise LissaLOO for getting diverted, it’s just I’m so against this paranormal mumbo jumbo.
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your daughter, she is just mixing up her feelings about how she feels about people and converting them into what she perceives as colours, she will grow out of them without any interference, a bit like imaginary friends, don’t worry about it, and you don’t need to take her for an eye test.

  6. Two dynamics possibly going on simultaneously….
    One leads to the possibility of an opthamological exam, or, preferably first, a pediatric screening exam vis a vis “migraine aura” option.
    The second dynamic is indeed childlike awareness of colors, which are reliably seen by those such as Edgar Cayce and other seers. For this, would suggest “Studies of the Human Aura,” by Kuthumi, and Carol Bowman’s “Children’s Past Lives” and “Return from Heaven,” http://www.childpastlives.org http://www.soulsurvivor-book.com and “Life before Life,” Jim Tucker, also worthwhile, even though you are perhaps quite skeptical.
    Nb the two dynamics are etiologically disparate. In either case, your concern is admirable, and may be applied with love, rather than anxiety/fear, for the optimum family effects.
    If your daughter volunteers a color, e.g. blue, be able to relate it to faith…green, healing and prosperity; yellow, insight and wisdom; violet/purple, soul and service; white, purity, and the like. You might ask if your daughter is feeling pain (head, re migraine) during such happy (for her) visions/experiences.
    Encourage her by offering to draw a picture of what she sees/has seen, e.g., around dad. Draw a stick figure at least, use a crayon, and ask her if that’s about right; let her draw the color in, too, if she likes.
    A pediatric exam would be able to rule out migraine via pain symptom history and such, and would further (at your direction, apart from your child’s hearing) attempt to check for “retinal integrity” by using a standard, non-invasive tool. Your child will likely make the connection between telling you about what she sees, and the exam, so why not thereafter simply extra-love your child, continue to respect her opinions, and let her know Mommy was simply taking extra care to make sure she’s alright, all well, healthy…and then later that day, after an ice cream together at a shop, continue the occasional drawing with her, maybe noting how a blue and a faithful personality go together, etc. Ask her if she saw any colors around the doctor or nurse. Purchase a simple notebook which you can draw stick figures in. By working with her (simply drawing what she says she saw, and letting her help), instead of treating her as a (potential) “crazy,” you become more her ally, not a repressor.
    “Nipping in the bud” so she’s “not crazy” is perhaps thus best attained by a) loving her during the pediatric exam (especially warrented if she has “headaches”) b) loving her and working with her when she sees a blue or a green, etc., drawing a stick figure, then asking if you got it right, and c) lovingly correlating the color with the personality of the viewee. This will provide a good bridge into her awareness of people and personalities, and more harmony. If you frighten her, ridicule her, repress her–whether it’s her imagination or her gift (having gently ruled out a few unlikely pathologies)–that’s asking for crazy-making, as her Mommy is not helping her move from e.g. imagination to personality type awarenesses. Perhaps she likes picking out colors for her dresses, decorating her room, enjoys flowers of particular colors, and other such activities. Encourage these, and they will likely blossom.
    It is quite likely she will “grow out of” her present interest…and the way to handle it is to be on her side, draw with her, relate colors to personalities, and in general be comfortable with her present behavior, rather than frightening, repressing, or condemning her. Same for e.g. childhood fascination with genitalia or feces–if you are on her side re her genuine experiences, you can gently inform her that most children do not have her gift (imagination), so if she doesn’t want to be treated badly (doh), try to keep the experience a fun, shared experience with you–and let her know she can ask you more questions about “appropriate behavior.” Have a good time with her precious experience.

  7. I recently had to put my foot in my mouth on this one. I didn’t believe they were real either and grilled two of my friends on the matter. When they both told me different colors of my friends I passed it off as them just messing around [there are 7 different colors so thats why they both saw different]
    a few weeks later my second cousin told me she had started seeing a clear “membrane type thing” around her hand and how strange it looked. We all started looking at her hand and I saw it too. Then my own. Its a layer of aura. We haven’t been able to distinguish actual colors yet other then a faint bit of yellow around me [my friends told me mine was mostly orange and yellow]
    She may outgrow this ability or she could carry it through but I wouldnt be so quick to dismiss it. Try having her draw a pic of someone with the different colors and then try searching what the colors mean. I’m not promising anything but maybe the meanings and your own or the person’s mood and current health etc could provide evidence and help you believe more.
    I’m new to this so its just a theory. But I do understand your disbelief. I was there only a few short weeks ago.

  8. Auras do exist and what I would do if I were in your shoes would be to go on line and type in the search bar,how to see auras,this will give you a lot of information regarding them,I hope this is of some help to you,some people have this ability Tomb Raider.

  9. She’s probably pretending, kids pick up a lot more then we give them credit for. If she heard some adults talking new age foofwraw she could be repeating it.
    To be on the safe side take her to a good Pediatric Ophthalmologist.

  10. An aura, according to New Age metaphysics, is a colored outline, or set of contiguous outlines, allegedly emanating from the surface of an object. Auras are not to be confused with the aureoles or halos of saints, which are devices of Christian iconography used to depict the radiance of light associated with divine infusion. In the New Age, even the lowly amoeba has an aura, as does the mosquito and every lump of goat dung. The aura supposedly reflects a supernatural energy field or life force that permeates all things. Human auras allegedly emerge from the chakras. Under ordinary circumstances, auras are only visible to certain people with special psychic power. However, with a little bit of training, or with a special set of Aura Goggles with “pinacyanole bromide” filters (available at your local New Age Head Shop), anyone can see auras. You may also use Kirlian photography to capture auras on film. At least that is what New Age spiritualists believe.
    On the other hand, you may also see auras if you have a migraine, a certain form of epilepsy, a visual system disorder or a brain disorder. These auras, however, are somewhat different from the kind encouraged by most aura training exercises. These involve staring at an object placed against a white background in a dimly lit room. What one sees is due to retinal fatigue and other natural perceptual processes, not the unleashing of hidden psychic powers. Something similar happens when you stare at certain colored or black and white patterns. Vision is not the verbatim recording of the outside world. When looking at a colored object, for example, the eye does not transmit to the brain a continuous series of duplicate impressions. The brain itself supplies much of the visual perception. In short, even if auras are perceived, that is not good evidence that there is an energy field in the physical or supernatural world corresponding to the perceptions.
    If you see auras, you may not be psychic; you may have a brain or vision disorder. See your physician ASAP.
    More at link.

  11. Then don’t treat her like she’s crazy and don’t let anyone else treat her that way either. give her some crayons and paper and ask her to draw what she sees. get some books on auras and read up. have an open mind about it. Belief or disbelief in any thing won’t change its actual state of existence only its perception from the observer.

  12. Children are very susceptible to the paranormal. When I was little I was afraid of the upstairs part of my house which i now know for a fact, is haunted. Once I opened my mind to the thoughts of ghosts and started truly believing them I started to see auras.
    It is very cool and not dangerous at all. Your daughter is a lucky person to be born with this. She will read people very well. Growing up crazy can sometimes be the best!


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