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Seeing auras. Can you help me on this?

ok, i am 17 years old and i see auras for about 6 months. It is natural to me, i don’t try, it just happens. BUT, it doesn’t happening to me all the time.What or how can i make myself to see auras better and easier and control it. I have heard that some people actually ”study” how to see auras when in the beggining they can’t see them at all. How is that possible? Anyway, if you have tips please tell me. i know i can’t ever see them like i am a kirlian cam but if you know how can i see them easier, faster,better….etc please tell me ;o]


  1. You need to see an optometrist. You might have damage to your eye or your optic nerve. If the optometrist doesn’t find anything try a psychiatrist. Perhaps the problem is a little farther back.

  2. try to unfocus your eyes. look at plants to practice. its weird how this happens to some people and some don’t see it. i see them too, but like you not all the time. i tend to see them easier on a white background like a wall however.

  3. Here is a technique that I use and teach:
    In a room with low light, place a pink piece of paper on the wall. Sit about 6 feet away from it and stare at it. Allow your eyes to cross and relax. Eventually you will see an aura form around the paper. Each color gives off a specific colored aura so for a pink piece of paper you should see an irdescent green aura. Try using other colored paper and you will see different colored auras. This is a great technique for training your eyes to go into that mode easily.
    Good Luck!

  4. dJust a thought; if this is new get your doctor to check you out. The auras can be a sign of a tumor or other serious disorder. if physically you check out then relax and just let it come to you. As you progress you’ll probably figure out what it means for you.
    In truth, auras are almost useless in the spiritual world as they are only projections of energy. The real stuff is inside the person.

  5. Can you see my aura please? I can’t see other people’s aura. Please email me by clicking on my nickname. I want to know what colors are my aura. Thanks.

  6. reasons…..
    1) you could be practicing occult or something or the people you see the auras around could be. If you are, I don’t recommend continuing. people generally have terrible experiences with that kinda thing (especially palm-reading psychics)
    2) you might actually have an eye problem
    3) it could be the result of head trauma (no I’m not making fun of you)
    4) you could be gifted. the only way I know of to enhance a gift like that is to develop a good relationship with God. You could be seeing spirits, and God being Spirit can teach you to enhance and use this gift wisely. I know of people who get visions and God enhances them.
    you might not be able to control this. not all gifts are easily honed.

  7. Some are able to see auras [like in Kirlean photography] and it’s purely a gift – like clairvoyance. However, as one respondent has posted already, it can also be a medical symptom and while the other has suggested an optometrist, an opthomologist might be wiser. The first is trained mostly in visual issues pertaining to the eye itself. The opthomologist’s a physician – can detect other things which might be going on that are revealed by checking the eyes. If there’s no medical problem involved, assume it’s a gift.
    Such gifts tend to gain strength [like most things] with practice. It can be a sign of healing capabilities to see auras since illnesses manifest in the etheric body before they show up in the physical body. The aura is the closest etheric layer to the physical body. If you’ve seen the movie Patch Adams, he learns to look between what might be considered real… to see the possibilities most will not see. Reading the aura can be like that, too, in that you see in ways others usually don’t. Focusing a bit off-center of the person can help clarify and intensify the colors within their unique aura. Again, practice is essential, partly to prove to yourself that’s what you’re seeing, and partly to train your brain to work with you.
    If you’re truly seeing auras, each person’s will be different – with different colors, different qualities of radiance, different clouds or murky areas. And, if this is a gift you’re blessed with to help the others around you, ask your Higher Self, your personal angels or guides to help you understand what you’re seeing. Answers may come in dreams, perhaps in that drifty state between sleep and wakefulness, or simply sensing intuitively what that answer is.
    A lot of people are having such gifts surface as if spontaneously, especially in the last very few years. You may be one of these. If so, it’s a gift you’re blessed with, perhaps preparing you to work in the healing arts, in some way. And, if so, you’re being shown your true path before planning college, a career or a profession. Walking your true path will always elicit deep joy [even if it’s no guarantee you’ll make a lot of money]. You may be being shown where you’ll be happiest, overall, to help you make wise choices.


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