Secrets of the Occult : The Scientists

The Scientists
At a slightly less frenetic pace, the Scientists portion of Secrets of the Occult addresses many of the modern geniuses that are highly regarded to this day. In fact, when it comes to the study of topics not in alignment with society’s current beliefs, most pioneers end up delving into the world of the occult. That’s quite obvious reflecting on the works of Galileo, Isaac Newton, and sociologists / psychologists Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. To confront the studies of magnetism, gravitational pull, and the complex nature of sexual repression and misconstrued psychoses is a foreboding task for any scientist. Each of these brilliant intellects had to cross the boundaries of all things normal to accomplish what they did. Once more, they had to challenge the beliefs of their preceding trailblazers to update and develop these concepts.

Though following a similar flow of narrative with similar pacing, this portion of Secrets of the Occult is much smoother in context for some reason. It’s probably because the names and concepts are more familiar in this section half. Still, this segment is still attempting to cover the phenomenally complex endeavors of history’s greatest minds in under an hour. It succeeds quite well, however, in stringing together all of the concepts, the shared pressures, and the reflective attempts at a constructing body of knowledge throughout these scientists’ highly driven periods.

Delving into the world of the occult is merely a trip into the vast unknown. It’s not a scary ride, as some might be inclined to believe. To learn about the achievements of occult “magicians” and scientists is to learn about the groundbreaking and, at times, stagnant attempts to further humanity’s base of knowledge. Secrets of the Occult takes on a immensive task in presenting the material very briefly, and does so quite well. Informative and engaging, this piece would have been more than welcome to stay much longer to explain all the ideas swirling around. However, Secrets of the Occult still comes easily Recommended to anyone wishing to dive into the endless pool of the unknown, whether it be fresh viewers just wanting to know a bit more or veterans wanting to enjoy a quick chronological overview.

This occultist body of knowledge is fragmented into two differing genres, which equates for the program’s segmented portions: The Magicians (those who practice the alternatives) and the Scientists (those who research the alternatives).