Searching for a legitimate Psychic Medium?

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live in Mesa Arizona and am looking for a medium with excellent credentials. If anyone has had a personal experience with a psychic medium in the valley-AZ-please let me know so that I may research them and decide if they are legitimate.
My boyfriend is having an extremely hard time dealing with the passing of his grandfather and I would like nothing more than to help him feel more at ease about the situation if at all possible.
You people are rude. I did not ask if they were REAL I asked if anyone has been to a medium in Phoenix with good results. I would like to entertain the idea that he can get in touch with his grandpa. It has been 2 years since his passing and anyone who has watched someone grieve so badly would know how just ‘being there’ isnt always the answer and counseling may not help him. I would pay any amount for him to potentially feel better about the passing even if there is no such thing as a ‘legitimate medium.’

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All I can do is wish you luck in that endeavor. Sorry.

So-Crates Resurrected AGAIN

If you want to help your boyfriend through this, be there as support for him. Dont go looking for someone who will lie and tell him that grandpa is smiling down upon him, just to make him feel better. There is no such thing as a legitimate psychic – unless youre looking for a legitimate con artist masquerading as a psychic..


A medium is not the answer.
He has to deal with his grief.
Find a GriefShare location near you.

Marc P, Fundie's Bane

Send me a first class ticket and pay my 5000$ fee and I will bring my legitimate psychic abilities to your aid.


Support your boyfriend emotionally in his time of need, but don’t let some scam artist (and they are all frauds and/or scam artists) take advantage of him in his vulnerable emotional state.


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