how do you scry, which is better to use for scrying a bowl of water, a mirror, a crystal, etc. anything would be useful.
coming from the word “Descry”
It means to look into something reflective and have a vision of the future , like what gypsys do.


  1. That is why so many people are having trouble finding God when the are using the tools of Satan………………………………………….

  2. Scrying is a type of divination. To scry or descry is to spy out or discover by the eye objects at a distance. In occult literature, the term is used to describe the act of gazing at a shiny stone or mirror or into a crystal ball (anything which reflects will do), to see things past and future. (When a crystal is used, scrying is known as catoptromancy or crystallomancy.) Occultists claim that if one concentrates hard enough while gazing, one can conjure up the dead because scrying allegedly clears out the consciousness and opens a direct line to the other world.

  3. I have a 4 inch Crystal and I use it on occaison for scrying. Within it there forms a picture I try to understand. I have no idea whether it comes from me or forms on its on within the crystal.
    I once had an ebony water bowl that in its darkness would form pictures of light. Its end is a mixture of its darkness and some Christians, that causes some of the enmity I have for Protestant Christians. I was helping out at a Pagan shop at the time and I kept the bowl on the counter for those that would ask.

  4. Howdy,
    water, black/mirror, flame, crystal, glass, smoke etc.. some things will work better for you than others.

  5. First, any object will do that is “shiny” or “reflective”… this includes mirrors of course, but think about what happens with a candle flame… think of other creative ways you can scry? How about a smooth plastic bottle filled with water than has been colored with ink… the possibilities are endless.
    Second, scrying takes a LOT of practice. It requires being prepared to sit for long periods of time gazing, which can be difficult to maintain if one is not trained. So, start by learning how to gaze. Use a candle flame to practice. Soften the gaze around the flame, learn what it feels like. Next, learn how to maintain that gaze for extended periods. Don’t be discouraged, you probably won’t be able to hold it for more than a few seconds to begin with. Just keep at it. But don’t over-do it, just like any exercise, it is possible to strain yourself with this… start with 5 minutes of practice, when you can hold the gaze for 5 minutes then start extending another 5 minutes and so on. And be consistent with the training you are giving yourself. Do it *every* day.
    A few books that might get you started on scrying are:
    A Little Book of Mirror Magick: Meditations, Myths, Spells
    by Patricia Telesco
    Nocturnal Witchcraft: Magick after Dark
    by Konstantinos

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