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Scientifically speaking, is it possible for a multiple universe to extract a dead person's consciousness from?

this universe and to bring it into another one? I mean that is it even a possible theory that scientists could even speculate or consider?


  1. No.
    The only “theory”, for now, could be a statistical one:
    The brain is an assemblage of a finite number of elements, each one capable of being in a finite number of states (e.g., charged or not charged).
    Given an infinite number of brains, then there must be another brain somewhere with the exact same state (including memories) as the subject brain.
    If that is the case, then it is not even necessary to “bring” a person’s consciousness to another one: it would already exist.

  2. The very fact that you have a preconceived objective that you want to prove (i.e., the possibility of an afterlife in another universe) and that you are searching for some kind of semi-respectable mathematical flimflam to do the proving really ought to tell you something about the wrongness of your motives.
    Another of your questions asks whether science might provide a math that could demonstrate the existence of God. You appear to have a habit of asking science to support your metaphysical preferences. Science does not do this.

  3. There is not enough science in the world to let us know if the previous contributor believes what he said or is reading it from some other opinion.
    That being said, There is coming to my mind bits and pieces of information that lean toward the confirmation that there does indeed exist other realities or dimensions. But, not something outside of our existence.
    We are the observers. Does not knowing or observing a thing make that thing not exist? That’s like asking somebody if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?
    Seems to me that if there is some other existence not outside of our dimension that we have not found, something that points to the possibility of another existence, it would have to exist to allow for both dimensions to exist together. What could that be?
    Have you ever heard of a neutrino? Y’all need to go back to school.

  4. Currently, no.
    “Consciousness” is a function of the firing of nerve cells in the brain. No brain = no consciousness.
    The *soul* is a different matter, but science cannot answer any questions about non-physical phenomena like the soul.

  5. There was one famous science test back at the turn of the 19th century that did measure the sudden loss of 21 grams at the time of death. Trying to find conclusive research that builds on this is difficult. From what I can gather is that there is mixed results from further experiments conducted. The areas of metaphysics and parapsychology to try to bridge the gap to an afterlife, also with mixed results.
    Scientifically, the matter is still in debate on the public level. Personally as scientist, everything is open for consideration until the proof arrives.


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