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Scientifically, does the surge of DMT released upon death provide real proof of the likelihood of an afterlife?

It is already scientifically known that when you dream, and moreso when a person is about to die, there is a surge of DMT. People who have used DMT recreationally and for certain spiritual ceremonies have ALL spoken of the same effects – being propelled into an egoless existence in an otherwordly dimension where the “self” is merged with energy and ego is stripped, and grand visions are experienced, many of them being indescribable by those who went through it. All have also testified that time did not exist under the influence of DMT. Which is, if you hit the snooze button and fall back asleep for ten minutes, it can seem like you were asleep for hours.
So, if this is the case, then everyone who faces death will be propelled into that same hallucination, it will seem like an eternity and whenever it ends (if that happens), it will be of no consequence really (or will it).
Your thoughts?
I believe in a higher power, btw.
Because when the DMT surge is happening, you are experiencing intense hallucinations that affect all senses and the concept of time is absent…that would be like existing after “death,” right?
Jerry-The release of urine and feces do not provide hallucinations, unlike DMT.
This is a link to first-hand accounts of people who have taken DMT: http://www.erowid.org/experiences/subs/exp_DMT.shtml
Haha! I know it doesn’t really alter time. And noooo I have never did hallucinogens. I don’t think my mind could take the visions. But I find it extremely fascinating what people say they experience.
*have never DONE hallucinogens*


  1. No, but it may help to explain near death experiences.
    I fail to see how there can be any connection between the chemical process that goes on in your brain at death and proof of an afterlife.

  2. Very interesting…
    edit: Not sure if this is religious or cultural (probably religious though) but I was told that from the moment you die until judgment day to some (those who lived righteously) it will feel as though they’ve just awaken from the best sleep of their life and others (those who didn’t), like eternity. If you incorporate that with the whole time affect thing from the release of DMT, it sounds a lot more plausible.

  3. There will be a short serene “trip” that feels like it lasts a few hours, yes. But it will be over in a few minutes as your brain expends it’s ATP reserves. Without oxygen, ATP production ceases and neurons will no longer fire. This ends life–there will be no more experiences of any kind, real or imaginary.
    edit: an altered perception of time doesn’t actually alter time. You’ve never tripped, have you?

  4. If I understand you correctly, you argue that at the brink of death ‘regular’ time will flow as normal, but your personal experience of time will fall away and/or stretch into infinity. It’s an interesting idea. Of course, no way to test or validate it, but interesting.

  5. This actually explains my OOBE when I was a kid. I was watching myself fall down a flight of steps from above in slow-motion, and I looked over and saw an angel who looked exactly like. I’m not the religious type though, and I don’t think an afterlife is necessary.

  6. Does the sudden release of urine and feces upon death provide real proof of the likelihood of an afterlife?
    Edit: Cesaria, the point is that the body goes haywire during death. As systems fight to stay alive and struggle as they die, all kinds of chaos happen. One of those is the release of chemicals like serotonin. The hallucinations are similar because everyone’s brain is similar in structure and the chemicals cause similar reactions. It is not proof of an afterlife, just proof that we are very similar in structure.

  7. That is very interesting. I had never really thought of it before. I am going to go do a bit of research on it and see if I can understand it a little better. The way it sounds, it is a possibility. Thanks for the food for thought. Star for you!

  8. You’re basically describing death as sleep that stretches on forever. Grand visions, otherworldly dimensions, self merged with ego. It all sounds like dreamstate thinking to me. I really don’t see how that’s proof of the afterlife though. One of my aunts almost died during surgery and she said she could feel her consciousness detach from her body and that she could see herself from above. I don’t see how you could prove something that will last eternally based on that type of data, or that she even really left the confines of her body in any way. It would be cool if someone in that state could somehow pass the extremely simple test for telekinetic ability that has so far never been passed, but that would only lead me to believe in telekineses, not an afterlife. That life after death angle is extremely wishful thinking to me, but a cool idea I suppose.
    I could also say DMT is just your body drugging itself in reaction to the extreme stress of your demise.It’s like accounts of how drowning people report a feeling of serenity and calmness after their oxygen has been used up or how animals stop struggling even when they are being eaten alive.Your body drugs itself after everything from a good meal to a nice sex session. In this case it could be your body is basically mailing it in after all other avenues have been exhausted.

  9. dmt gets reporduced daily. you will still indeed produce dmt when you die,. when people smoke dmt they are taking minute amounts of it where as when you die your brain produces a very large amount

  10. If anything it does the opposite, it floccinaucinihilipilificates (YES! FINALLY GOT TO USE THAT WORD!) the experiences that people believe are going to heaven or hell, as it is simply a trip.

  11. DMT visions are more than internal hallucinations. Manipulations of energy made while in Ayahuasca states can have an effect on the physical reality outside of the person who actually drank the Ayahuasca. One must either acknowledge that DMT can give an ordinary person telekinetic and healing powers or that DMT may be more of a misunderstood technology rather than a drug. Any technology significantly advanced is indistinguishable from magic (Arthur C. Clark). I have to admit that this statement sounds crazy, but unless you have experienced it yourself you can’t possibly imagine what DMT/Ayahuasca can do. For the record I am a highly educated (Master’s Degree in Engineering from an Ivy League School) member of the professional community who does not condone or support the use of drugs. I make this statement anonymously because my community of peers would not accept me saying this in a public forum.

  12. It doesn’t provide proof, but the consistent accounts of losing the ego-self, time, and duality is significant and interesting data. That the experience is consistent with all people who return from it means there is a common thread.
    Western culture is extremely bereft of spiritual meaning and materialistic. It’s tragic for those of us who have had experiences that suggest otherwise. Reading these responses is somewhat disheartening… people in Western society tend to live in a world that is flat— despite scientific evidence that consistently reveals there is more to existence than meets the human eye.
    There is a lot of evidence to suggest spiritual people are psychologically healthier than those who subscribe to the materialistic paradigm. In the DMT “spirit molecule” documentary one researcher comments that our planet is literally in distress and dying, a challenge to the materialist outlook may be the very thing human evolution needs to survive.
    DMT I’ve heard is also released when we are born and when we dream. Being released at birth would not readily explain the body “giving up”. As for dreaming, before Western industrial paradigm took over dreams were considered by ancestors to have profound direction and meaning for thousands of years.
    There is no proof of an afterlife, but materialism/nothingness after death is not proven either. In fact, from a psychological vantage, it is healthier to believe something greater than the self exists, and from an anthropological sense, it is closer to all stories throughout human history before this Western one to believe psychedelic experiences (natural or induced) may be spiritually significant.

  13. The problem with DMT is if you really “break-through” how do you explain the impossible? how do you describe the indescribable?
    If you’re very lucky you’ll bring back maybe 5-10% of the experience. It’s so low because the majority of what you see is outside of ALL imagination. There are no words to describe it because we have no words TO describe it.
    The other difference with DMT compared to other drugs is that you are in complete control of your faculties the whole way through. At no stage do you feel you are “tripping”. You are fully awake and aware that you’ve just been hurled through our spec of reality into the immense truth behind this reality.
    With DMT it is the world that is replaced, instantly, it’s all gone! Reality is completely swapped out for something else vastly greater. It doesn’t even retain organic matter, three dimensional space or linear time as reference points.
    While you’re there your mind is trying to rationalise what it is your witnessing but it simply has no language or any reference point at all to explain what you are witnessing.
    You have to see for yourself, experience it for yourself. Only then can you begin to comprehend the sheer vastness of the experience.



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