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Scientific theories on telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis, etc?

I love the show “Fringe” and Dr. Bishop always comes up with scientific theories on how mysterious things are happening. I was wondering if there are actually scientific theories on how these psychic abilities could be possible using the human mind.

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  1. There is not sufficient scientific evidence to show that psychic abilities are real, until something exists theories about how it could work aren’t very useful.

  2. Quantum mechanics is very mathematically detailed. However, when you step back and look at what the math is saying philosophically, it shows how some pretty spooky things may be possible. Wiki Copenhagen interpretation, Boltzmann brains, and Quantum theory of consiousness.
    I don’t think quantum theory specifically addresses these kind of psychic abilities, and the statistical evidence of these types of things are pretty weak. However, it could explain how such things may be possible.

  3. Actually the those kind of theories are theories in a colloquial or everyday speech sense of the word. In science these would be proposed hypothesis.
    A theory in a scientific sense of the word explains the mechanics of some process, for example the theory of gravity explains the mechanics of gravity, not the existance of gravity. It has to be taken as a given basic that gravity exists before a theory of gravity can be formulated. In a nutshell, a theory starts off as a hypothesis which is put through the scientific process, and demonstrated in peer review before it can be labeled as a theory. It doesn’t have to be right, the theory of gravity has been changed a few times since Isaac Newton came up with it. However, it has to have some given fact. We know objects fall to the ground. Most everyone would accept that objects fall to the ground without needing any proof. Very few people accept psychic abilities without some form of proof. Therefore these things would have to be scientifically proven without a doubt to exist before work on a theory could begin.
    Until we can accept telepathy, precognition, or psychokinesis as a basic fact, a scientific theory can not even be considered, because you have to have some accepted fact in order to theorize about.
    If someone could prove scientifically that such an ability exists, then one can go about formulating a scientific theory.
    Otherwise, all you have is some really wild guess work, with no solid foundation. Which by the way, is what Dr. Bishop is doing in the show Fringe.
    edit: I do like that show

  4. Yes, there are many scientific theories (and models) on how psi abilities might work. Like all other social sciences (psychology, sociology) there is not one generally accepted theory (or model) among parapsychologist or scientist outside of parapsychology.
    I have provided sources and links below that will allow you to find information on the scientific theories in parapsychology.

  5. yes and no
    the shows im not about but there ARE scientist proven facts and people who have extra senses some are called Cliarvoyant which means clear of seeing, and they do not “see the future” more like see things that are true but they have no way of knowing what they are because they have nothing to do with them. They see images like pictures and objects and some times short clips like watching a movie. There is also people who can feel, like some one Else’s pain and stuff, there is one more kind and they can hear things, but most people think they are making it up because there is no way of knowing if what they say is true or not, but there are some who say they heard a conversation several miles away. There are twins who HAVE proven their ability and are the only twin who have been right about there predictions, they even predicted the terroist attack. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Xk7z6bar8&feature=related

  6. There is solid scientific evidence regarding human psi affecting quantum electronic systems. http://www.tiller.org has intro; the book “Psychoenergetic Science,” William Tiller, has good details, and the SU(2) -type theory which is proposed to account for the energy transfer.
    Also worth looking into: http://www.noetic.org
    “Light Is a Living Spirit” and “Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty,” O. M. Aivanhov; reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  7. Actually no, there are no scientific theories at all for these things. A scientific theory is not merely an idea or a conjecture, but a theoretical framework which describes the mechanistic linkage between cause and effect (kudos to Wushu). This linkage is described usually mathematically and is directly testable and falsifiable (if the theory were wrong it could be shown to be via experiment). Moreover, to have such a framework it’s obviously necessary that the very existence of the phenomena being explained should be first demonstrated, but even this has not been accomplished.
    Bishop and others like him can provide scientific-sounding explanations filled with scientific buzzwords, but this is a far cry from a legitimate scientific theory. Nowadays its very popular to make conjectures about psi abilities based on quantum mechanics, probably because nobody understands quantum mechanics and so it sounds very impressive and beyond refutation for most people. So the answer to your question is no.


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