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Science proves auras are real!?

OK, you skeptics, science has found proof of auras:
“The human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day, scientists now reveal.”
What’s your opinion? Will science find proof of other paranormal phenomena?


  1. I do believe in auras, but I doubt that these are them. I read the article, and there was no mention of color meaning anything.
    Anyway, the article said that the light isn’t visible to human eyes, and auras are supposedly fairly easy to learn how to see, so I’d say that this is something other than auras.

  2. I wish they would but it’s more interesting not knowing for sure. The aura changes like a mood ring exactly! It goes by your body temp it fluctuates when your mood changes…People with dark auras have no feelings their usually considered evil.

  3. Well if a scientist did discover an ‘aura’ it certainly wouldn’t call it such. Scientists dont just find big bones in a rock formation and go “Look, a big animal thingy. It must be a Native American WooHoo.”
    Thus science can prove everything supernatural but also disprove it by doing so, since the name change will ‘authoritatively’ remove the idea from the realm of the supernatural and place it within the realm of the natural. When they ‘find’ Atlantis, they won’t call it Atlantis but an ancient Mezzozoic sea-faring culture that collapsed into the sea.
    Toe-mah-toe, Toe-may-toe.

  4. yes auras are real, some people have gifts to see them. Each colour represents an emotion a person is feeling or even a thought he or she is thinking. The aura surrounds the whole body. If you have ever disliked a person straight away, it is because your aura has clashed with the other persons aura.


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