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Erashiknabad _Mighty Psychic_

Where did you get that from?


can you give us a reference from a peer reviewed journal to check up on this please?

Blue Rizla Girl

This is not just bollocks. This is M&S Bollocks!
Ting! Next, please.


You must have a parrot named “Science?”
Your birdie is feeding you “burn in Hell” lies.

Martin G

where do you get your lies from? science has proven no such thing.


I love the, this is not just bollox, this is M & S bollox response!
Light has consciousness??????? Oh that is just hilarious, seriously!


Where’s the science? Lying in the name of Christianity is like screwing for virginity.

Christian the Atheist

Cite, bitte.

Sandra K

Science hasn’t proved light is conscious. Why do say such a ridiculous thing? Jesus wasn’t real. Science proves that.

Brett D

Sandra, I am curios. What proof does science have that disproves the existence of Jesus? I have not heard about this.