Schools that offer undergrad major or minors in either transpersonal or parapsychology?

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anyone know any?
lol at people not answering the question but offering advice and trying to change the thought processes of people they don’t know and when the person never asked for ‘advice’.
I know how it currently ‘works’ that transpersonal is a post-grad degree. I dont care what the world is, only of what I see possible and wish for it to be.

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There are none that offer majors in parapsychology, at least in the US. One university, Franklin Pierce U., offers a minor in their psychology program. That’s about it.
My advice: get a college degree in a useful field of study which will help you get a good job. Then save parapsychology for hobby time.


You may wish to look at the programs at the
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Saybrook Graduate School
California Institute of Integral Studies
All of these schools are for Graduate (Masters and Doctorate) training and require an undergraduate degree in a related field like psychology which is offered at almost every accredited US university.
Parapsychology and Transpersonal Psychology require a good basic education in conventional methods (statistics, experiments, theory) and training (education) is appropriately placed in graduate programs.
There are also education and training opportunities outside of academia from organizations like Rhine Research and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (links below).

path less travelled

John F. Kennedy University is another school that has a focused curriculum in transpersonal psychology and another with a two-fold purpose: Transpersonal and Holistic Studies.
They do have some dealings in parapsychology as well, though I do not believe theirs any longer carries a concentration in it.


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