Home Discussion Forum Satori: At What Point Does Focus/Effort Become Covet?

Satori: At What Point Does Focus/Effort Become Covet?

How does one stay on task without staying on task?


  1. don’t expect results, don’t expect anything, don’t force situations just wait for opportunities, don’t do, be
    best wishes

  2. anything you put as more important than God is considered what you worship and is Idolatry. Through prayer and petition of God to open doors and close others for direction and we should not be anxious or have strife in our lives for such things. It is hard because I am a do er and can’t sit still. I am in the same spot of fighting back strife and following God without loss of joy and contentment.

  3. You have some really good answers here.
    To your first question: when you are impatient with focus/effort and anxious to ‘arrive’. To your second question: when staying on task becomes second nature, in other words, when you are able to go into auto-pilot.

  4. It is not wrong to love what you truly are, as this is what everyone and everything is. We have practised not living in reality[what is] so much we need methods to keep the mind here, but really, here is all that is. Truth seems a paradox to the thinking mind. But as you know this no-thing is outside words and letters.~ : )

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