Satanism doesn't work and Shamanism is the underlying practice behind all spirituality?

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Satanism has such broad terms that one can almost lose themselves in the ambiguity of its meaning. Take my practice of Shamanism for example. Many might believe that, because it deviates from the norm, it is an example of how “Satan” lures one from God. Me, personally, in my search for God, (and let me assure you, because of certain circumstances, my journey has been extensive, both educationally by methods of study and research as well as personally through experience), I have come to conclude that Jesus Christ himself was a practicing Shaman- as I believe were all leaders and prophets of God. Shamanism is the first spiritual practice of Mankind, and transcends the history of every one of the Religions of man that precede it. In other words, it was here before Jesus, Moses, Mohammad, Buddha, etc. The foundation of Shamanism is exactly what Jesus himself taught- that the Kingdom of Heaven is within and one should go within often to commune with God, and most importantly, the most important aspect in our lives is the responsibility to love ourselves and each other.
Unlike Satanists- who believe their power is in that which they take from others, Shaman’s believe that true power is that which is already within ourselves – existing in order to share with others, and that this awareness of ourselves and our place as Lightbearers in the dance of Life helps bring balance and healing- not only within ourselves but in the world around us.
One of the basic principles of Quantum Physics is this concept that in the beginning, there was this energy that we will call God the Knowing. However, God wanted to Experience Life so God the Knowing- being pure awareness of itself, divided itself in two- thus creating God the Experiencing- connected by the life force of creation that flows between the two states of being. The Laws of Thermal Dynamics state that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but instead moves to levels of higher and lower frequencies, ultimately seeking balance at which time, because of a lack of friction between the two forces, a kind of death occurs. In other words, death is inevitable and natural, however- since we are all God- (because there is nothing that is NOT God), and God never dies, death is an illusion, and in the end, we simply graduate to a new form of consciousness of spiritual being that could be considered the breathe of God.
Most Satanists believe that this is all there is, that the concept of God is more theory than fact, and that there really doesn’t have to be consequences to bad behavior if one is smart enough and powerful enough to avoid them. As you can guess, Satanism has a lot to do with the celebration of the ego, and the practice of a hedonistic lifestyle that hopefully is abhorrent unto God. I, however, believe in karma, taught by Jesus who himself assured us that we reap what we sew. Scientifically, it would, on the same hand- behoove us all to realize there is a very personal and practical application with regards to the Theory of Chaos, other than just a butterfly flapping it’s wings and causing a storm on the other side of the world, that works as a constant in all of our lives. Simply- we are responsible for the energy we put out in the world, whether we choose to be aware of what we are generating or not.
Okay- let me see if I can give an example. First- I believe that energy goes out from us in a way that begins with our actions and words. What we believe we generally say. What we say helps form our actions and that which we physically do to others, which in turn affects the world in which we exist, which- in turn- helps shape our beliefs, and the cycle begins again. It is written that our energy returns to us 7 times over because our energy goes out from us- goes up into the air as a tribute to God- circles around us, and as a roller coaster would build speed as it came upon the bottom of the loop, the energy comes round and returns to us from behind, thus bringing a bigger dose of energy than what we first put out, which works at helping us manifest our realities.
There is another law in physics called the Law of Cause and Affect which basically states that when something happens, it causes something else to happen, which causes something else to happen- and so forth and so forth that goes along with what I am saying. In real life, it works like this- Say I get in my car all pissed off at the world, and on the road- I drive like an ass. I cut people off, go slow when I could just get out of the way, and all of this is an attempt to assert this wierd sense of dominance and control, pretty much because I am desperately trying to escape and separate myself from my own sense of helplessness and alienation that I feel within myself. This belief in my fear helps influence how I see things, and my actions, although I know how wrong I am acting and knowing how frustrating and irritating my behavior is influencing others. My own anger and f

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Tahuti Reincarnate

Very interesting. A little long for me personally, so I skipped though. Shamanism is indeed the underlying principle of all Religious experience. (Catharsis)

Rachell C

in my interests of shamanism, animism, and the balance of quantum mechanics i have concluded the same of jesus, that he was a highly intelligent person with shamanic abilities who was elected some 300 years after his to be the spokesperson for a religion he never began. the further you delve into the practices of shamism and the theories of physics you will find the same ideas.

Frey Family

Here’s a group of Peruvian Shamans gather in Lima to send good vibes to their favorite U.S. presidential candidate, Barack Obama.
You can only judge where this is coming from if you have good discernment.
(I won’t comment since I don’t want my post deleted)


It could be argued that shaminism and animism are the foundations of all religions in the past.

Andrew Osta

I’m here to share word about my book:
Shamans and Healers: The Untold Ayahuasca Story
It talks about parts of shamanism not usually discussed and is 100% experience based


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