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Satanic Ritual and magic question?

So from what I have read in the Satanic Bible and other Satanic Books that during a Satanic Ritual you are simply suppose to express the desire you want with deeply felt emotions over how badly you want it?
Then after the ritual you feel like it is already obtained?
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  1. After ritual you should
    1)stop worrying about outcome, you should be 100% sure it worked
    2)keep pursuing your goal on physical level

  2. Satanic = death and sin.. and non existence.
    have you ever heard the analogy if you cheat you are only cheating yourself.
    I like the everlasting. Anything else is limited. God is not limited.
    God and his creation do not need or want. It’s the Law of the Universe. The more you want the more you are admitting to the entire Universe that you don’t have the more the Universe will agree and give you just that, the sensation of wanting due to lacking. Choose wisely.
    Satanism or what ever it’s called is just another way of saying the “Wisdom of the World”.
    You can trust the world or you can trust God. Look through history and find out for yourself which one suits you best and serves all of Mankind and Earth. It’s a no brainer.

  3. Although I have not read the satanic bible, I know that in many schools of religions , witchcraft and new age philosophy,that is how the desirable is obtained. You ask and with your unconditional belief, no doubts that you are receiving it, it is granted. But it is also important to make sure that the wish will benefit other people besides yourself, it should not be purely egoistic demand. You also have to have patience, personaly, I do not think you need to follow any specific ritual, unless this is something you do for your own entertainment, to feel more magical or mysterious, and sometimes it helps to believe stronger, because we think that saying magical words or using some tools will give us extra power. The magic is first of all in you, in your integrity, in your belief, in you ability to banish the doubts, the rest is secondary. If you can”t achieve the right state of mind, no tools or spells will help you.

  4. that is how magic is suposed to work but i dont know much about devil magic since the devil is fake invented by the church in 312 AD the true lucifer is the pagan sun god who is know devil but loves life and nature


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