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Yes To The River – Sannyas Music

Selected music recorded and mixed live in Chuang Tzu and Gautama the Buddha Auditorium.

Produced by The Rajneesh Institute of Music and Celebration, Rajneeshdham, Poona, India

Sw Devakant: flutes
Ma Prem Lolita: flute
Sw Anand Milarepa: big surdo drum
Sw Anand Nivedano: drums/percussion/snare drum
Sw Deva Karunesh: keyboards
Sw Kamal: bass, keyboards
Sw Rupesh: percussion
Ma Satyam: English singer and keyboard player
Sw Satgyan: Japanese bass player
Sw Deva Shavdo: bass, shakuhachi, drums

Source : sannyas.wiki


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