Samadhi and Satori : What is the Difference

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Samadhi and Satori are stages in meditation, Imagine a person in his death bed who is about to die. For him in that very moment, his past become futile.

There isn?t any energy left to think about past, or even worry about future?

There is no future for him. Future is based on our past experiences which work as a reference point & without past there is no future. So all he is left with is his present moment.

That present moment is all that matters to him. No friend, no family, no children, no wife, no desire, no suffering, no pain, no anxiety. In that moment he becomes one with the universe and ascends to higher consciousness.

That is what Samadhi is.

In that moment when past and future ceases from existence, you become the present.

Samadhi is death of ego, as once Samadhi happens there is no coming back, there is no memory of that experience happening as there is no one to remember it, the ego body or the ME that identify itself, will no longer be there to remember as he has known himself.

All past glimpse of awakening has become the whole picture, the reality.

With Samadhi your old self is gone who was always in the pursuit of happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment of desires and new inner self is known who doesn?t longs for anything, who doesn?t desires to achieve anything.

Samadhi is the eternal state of enlightenment, fine tuned with the cosmic consciousness.

Satori is temporary state of Samadhi. The one who witnesses satori remains but the one who experiences Samadhi leaves the human realm.

That is why many people can explain the experience of satori but no one can truly explain Samadhi.

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