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Salvia Divinorum VS. Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)?

Sooo curious of what the Similarities are, and the Differences R!!! Im sure you’ve seen the youtube Salvia videos of the fools that take advantage of such potent plant or extract! but you never stumble upon a video of a DMT tripper! Any BOLD ones thats Taken DMT!? even though it occurs naturally in many species of plants and its released by our pineal gland when in deep sleep… i just would love to know if any1 has taken it orally, smoked it , or injected it! what was it like??


  1. Well yeah because YouTube wouldn’t allow a video showing a crime being committed – DMT is illegal, Salvia is legal. They are similar in intensity, but Salvia has no negative side effects and DMT might.

  2. DMT is straight up chemicals where Salvia is a plant. The fact that companies can use alcohol to extract the Salvinorin A from the plant is something to take to mind.Ive taken DMT and it’s like Salvia but for a shorter effect and then you want more and more.At least Salvia is not addictive. If you are going to try Salvia at least do like a 10x or something so you can get the full effect of it. Where DMT is compared to the moments before your death, salvia is like visiting some sort of angel who shows you what is going on before you die so you can fix yourself.

  3. Both of these answers are wrong. DMT is not addictive, nor are its effects of shorter duration than Salvia. This person must have been smoking crack and mistaken it for DMT. Salvia can be fun, but the overall experience is horrible, and afterwards, everthing looks beautiful because youre happy that your not on the drug any more. Salvia is also lacking in good visuals, most of the hallucinations are nothing more than simple warping and breathing, not much color. DMT gives you a body buzz like Salvia, only everything thats wrong with Salvia has been corrected and perfected. There is no bad trip on DMT. After a DMT trip, everything looks beautiful because you have just had a truly fulfilling psychedelic experience. Additionally, the visuals on DMT are very beautiful and intricate, much like a strong LSD trip. Take it from me, I have smoked Salvia 14 times, with concentrations ranging from 15x to pure salvinorin-a extract, and have yet to have a good Salvia experience. I have smoked DMT 11 times, and each time it was an overwhelmingly positive experience. If I were to compare Salvia to anything, it would be an LSD trip gone horribly horribly wrong. DMT is more like an extremely intense and positive LSD trip. While both hallucinogenics, Salvia is more of a dissociative, making it more closely related to PCP than psychedelics such as LSD or psilocybin. DMT is a psychedelic tryptamine, and Psilocybin actually has a DMT molecule attached to it.

    • DMT is not toxic. It is endogenous. Our brain uses it in order to function. Don’t freak out, but your nervous system and blood are full of DMT right now. The body simply reuptakes it very quickly after it is used.

  4. I have never tried DMT, but I have tried Salvia, in the AM and during the day and night. It is somewhat like LSD, but where can anyone get this DMT stuff. I’d like to try it. I miss LSD and wish it was back “in vogue” because there is lots of time to enjoy the colors and movements and demons, it lasts about 5-6 hours. You can’t say that about DMT or Salvia. I MISS ACID!!!
    And it was CHEAPER!!!

  5. If uve ever had a crazy dream its like that but so intence you’ll think its real, Um I can’t. Really compare salvia to dmt, saliva is a trip for shur, seeing things morph and stuff is crazy, but compared to dmt, trying to find the best way to explain this lol, let’s just say I though my brian was a child playing with a kelidoscope, everything I saw was extream color and contrast, like lego vision, then just wormholes of pure imposabilities and imagination, u can open ur eyes or close them you’ll still see everything, um reasons for not having a video on youtube, indeed dmt is probly the most illegal substance in the world, though amt u might find a vid of this trip but for 12 hours long, idk why amt isn’t really illegal, really when u watch somebody do dmt, there’s nothing to watch, I was complelty incomprehencable, 1 couldent hear anybody talking after a few seconds, but yeah hope this answears ur q, if u do it be mindfull you’ve never tasted or smelled anything so horrible, its like death, its hard on the stomach too, most ppl ive introduced to it often puke their brains up but they don’t remember doing that lol, try to get ur hands on some white cyrstals, but usally ull get powder or yellow or pink crystals, sometimes dark amber, don’t do the orange goo either that was a bach of it gone wrong, when u make it and u get goo, just toss it out, if u inject it u can just stright up inject it into a muscle, dosnt have to be a vein, and I’ve never heard anybody taking it orally, o and btw maria ^ dmt may be chemicals (also extracted from plants) but its the same chemicals that are realesed in ur brain when u are born and die and when u dream, ur brian circulates it constantly throughout your life, yet its illegal in extract form lol

  6. while i have never smoked dynamite, i have smoked salvia several times; i have smoked it both by itself and rolled in a blunt with spice. depending on the potency, and if you smoke it with anything else like spice or real weed, the result of your trip will vary. i have smoked lower potencies of salvia, and experienced a slightly altered feeling. it was a very calming and euphoric feeling with a slight body tingling, feeling the strongest in my head. i could almost feel my brain moving. the euphoria and relaxed state was better than that from thc, although experienced for a significantly less amount of time than a thc high. smoking slightly stronger potencies laced in a blunt of spice, i had vivid and funny hallucinations. i didn’t feel paralyzed, but i did feel as if another force had control over my body movement. colors and objects alike morphed and warped. the spice (being one of the stronger blends) definitely prolonged the euphoric and giddy high… for a day or two. also, i have smoked the most potent salvia that is available on the open market just by itself. let me tell you, that was the most vivid, intense trip i have ever experienced (and i am no stranger to psychadelics). the feeling could only be described as being in a different form in a different dimension in a different universe. it was utterly amazing. the best trip i would ever have. i strongly recommend it. however, i implore you, if you want a crazy, strong, intense trip, buy the strongest extract you can, smoke it from a water pipe, hit it hard and heavy, and hold it in much longer than you’d hold a hit of weed… until you almost zero out. take one or two consecutive hits like that, then set the bubbler down so you don’t drop it. also, do it with a friend.

  7. Dmt is absolutely not toxic. Infact you have it coursing through your brain right now. Your penial gland secretes it while in rim sleep and right before you die. Also dmt is found In almost all organic matter its one of the simplest chemicals around. And Salvia is some narly shit its not toxic but the trip is horrible. Infact its the only negative psychedelic experience iv ever had.

  8. There are very, very, very stupid answers in this article, the one that i back up is from Lucius! Mate, that is good info for first timers, and i congratulate you for being so well informed.
    Salvia most likely will cause you a bad trip, nothing that can lead you to crazyness, my experiences in salvia where intense as hell
    I like salvia, even though it’s not as good as DMT.
    Idiots saying that DMT is not natural, are morons. I feel so sorry for them, just because they are doomed to be dumb for the rest of their lifes,
    DMT = it’s a chemical compound
    Salvia = it’s a chemical compound
    DMT, needs to be extracted and crystalized to be smoked, OR you can make Ayahuasca, not so powerful but more prolonged.
    Salvia is a very rare plant, so it does not grow easily. There are 2 plants from 63 (It was discovered in Mexico in 1960) and 91, and the leafs are extracted from clones of these plants, for many years.
    So, both compounds are natural, and most likely need treatment to become a very concentrated extract.
    Again, let me compare it and give you my personal opinion:
    SALVIA = Man, this is strong! It will send you to another dimension, most likely you will even forget who you are, what is happening, just before you realize you smoked salvia. YOU WILL be sweating all over your body! in about 2 minutes you will be full of drops of sweat in your body. IT IS PRETTY INTENSE. Somewhat vague, not spiritual or very memorable. It’s still a funny experience to do with good friends.
    DMT = Will scar you in a good way, for life. You will remember that experience forever . This is spiritual, this will give you a glance of other realities, without the horror that salvia sometimes can lead you to. I can not talk much about this, no words wouldn’t be enough to explain to you what DMT means.
    Maria and Lexi, you both look like douchebags talking about something you don’t understand.

  9. At 100x and I still can’t break through on Salvia. I’m aware of my surroundings the whole time. It’s all body rush where you feel a slow twirling effect like everything is streeeetchy and swirling like taffee. I don’t actually SEE anything but it’s like it’s very easy to daydream and mostly about shapes like green and rust-colored stripes. Overall it’s pleasant but like a small glimpse of what’s possible. If I only knew *where* to find pure salvinorin!!

  10. I’ve had DMT tea and smoked Salvia several times. I prefer DMT: long lasting (if tea form). Bliss feeling, confusing geometric visuals with eyes closed, internal cellular psychedelics. Salvia (5 minutes)has a female vibe to it. Some say you need to do it long term to really get it. Not really visual but more suggestive. Very powerful psychedelic. What is it showing you? The foundations of imagination and reality construction – scary/ interestig. Both are probably safe as mothers milk.

  11. With many hallucinogens you hallucinate realities. I did DMT once, and it was a bit like with some magic shrooms. With salvia you can hallucinate that reality (?) is an hallucination. It is scary or blissful according to your metaphysical taste.
    Salvia seems to have a quite variate possible medical use (for headache, depression, anxiety, diarrhea, sleep troubles, nasal decongestant (related to sweating)).
    The better way to use salvia is by starting with the leaves, and adding just a bit of extracts, which is really for the beginners, as with salvia you need less and less to get the effects. Salvia doesn’t provide an experience, but a whole introductory course on reality and realities. It is not mean to please you, but it is part of the hallucination.


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