Sadness after meditation?






I tried Kundalini meditation for the first time and I felt good during meditation and right after but then that was followed by sleepiness and sadness..Has anyone else had this experience? Whats going on?


  1. that is good that your tiered that means that you released tension and anxiety! so your meditatoin worked!
    keep it up

  2. has the only valid medtiation in the world. Stay of away from thiese ridiculous eastern meditations. Every one that has a mantra is extremely dangerous.
    They have a meditation on the site I recommended that you can download for free.

  3. Get in touch with Jesus and God’s word and it will bring joy and happiness. Kundalini will leave you feeling empty because it’s spiritually dead.

  4. Sometimes meditation has a tendency to bring out repressed emotions. There could be some inner turmoil that you are just now realizing. Most of us lead very busy lives which leave us scattered and unable to identify all of our true emotions. When we settle down enough to contemplate, relax, and allow our distractions to melt away, what is buried within us rises to the surface.
    Many people consider meditation to be therapeutic for this very reason… it is cleansing. While the sadness might be uncomfortable initially, it might help you face something that you have been avoiding or been too busy to notice. And you probably won’t always feel sadness after meditation. Whatever is hiding underneath those layers will surface if you are truly involved in the process, and once you’ve sorted through all the unpleasant stuff, you might just experience an elated sense of well-being or bliss.
    I think this is good for you.

  5. if you were straining or anything, your body could be releasing endorphines, then when you stop, your body goes through mild depression because the endorphines arent being released.

  6. You should never meditate unless you know what you are doing.You have upset your Ying and Yang.You need to get your Chakras balanced.Kundalini is a special and very potent meditation. Best leave it alone.

  7. any energy thingy that raises your energy up, you can crash after it is over. cant be specific ,i am not just observe it.
    allso meditation is cleansing, and it brings up your [stuff] so there maybe some emotional experience the energy hit on when you ran the internal defrager.

  8. Excellent – you went within and dug out long lost emotions which needed to be released.
    People don’t realize it but meditation is all about reflecting deeply on a subject. That subject maybe anything.
    So to reflect on your question: yes, I too have this experience on most occassions when I go deep and release things that should have been done long ago but only touched upon it while meditating.
    Most people will come out of meditation feeling energised and feeling happy and relaxed and releasing stress to some degree.

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