Sacred Vibration Of God

Even science is having to admit that life isn’t all about solids and predictable experiments even since quantum physics came on the scene. Just because we didn’t know about all those wild sub-atomic and subtle particles didn’t mean they didn’t exist of course. The laying on of hands, Reiki, acupuncture, chakras, and such ENERGY transfers and monitoring were not strangers to the Maya but of course they had their own name for such energy.

Regardless of the date of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 or not, stuff is about to happen!

For the Mayans there’s ONENESS between spirit and material. For them the whole world is ALIVE and teeming with ENERGY. This energy is coming primarily from above, but from below as well. The Mayan shamans called this subtle energy field K’ul! What a strange name but what about chi, prana, spirit, and so on? The translation of K’ul is “sacred entity or God’ combined with vibration or translation much like. “Sacred Vibration of God”.

This “vital life force” fills the universe!

Additionally, the Mayans and many of the ancient indigenous cultures saw concentration points, hubs, and sacred spaces which were connected by meridians throughout the earth much like our bodies which have chakras connected by meridians as well. This spiritual energy has been dormant for some time but will awaken in this “2012 window”. The pyramids in the lands inhabited by the Mayans testified as to how they saw things in the heavenlies (as above so below).

It’s more than a coincidence that pyramids sprung up, along with magalithic structures throughout the world (ie. Stonehenge in England) at nearly the same time, if carbon dating serves us properly. The Mayan pyramid pre-date the Egyptian pyramids by 100-200 years: and with Stonehenge being within the same time frame. How did these pop up all over the planet at nearly the same time. Without internet, the ability to jet around the globe and share information, and without the 100th monkey concept things just birthed out of thin air.

Morphic resonance? Feng Shui? 🙂

The sacred vibration of God knows no boundaries. From the Mayan lands to Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China there was a flowering of intelligence beyond any conclusions we can draw. We with all of our intellectual prowess and scientific knowledge now call (at least scientists do) this sacred vibrational energy TORSION FIELDS. Some say it’s a PHOTON BELT that we’re entering and it is changing the earth’s heart beat- Schumann?s Resonance. Our brains are tied to this sacred vibrational energy and we cannot resist it.

We are changing, but what will we do with the change? What can we do? We are entering a sacred space that will end the world as we know it (Mayans say we’re moving from the 4th to a 5th world), and lead us into a beautiful transformation unknown to our human minds. But, we may also hit a few big bumps between now and then.

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Ernie Fitzpatrick
As a spiritual-futurist, I have a BA degree majoring in history. One cannot know the future without knowing the past which holds clues to what is on the horizon. The world is in such a rapid expansion of knowledge that we are close to entering a tipping point that will forever change earth as we know it.

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