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Sachin cut a cake during Cricket World cup tour, on which India's flag was depicted with Ashoka"s Chakra?

Sachin cut a cake recently during Cricket World cup tour, on which
India’s flag was depicted with Ashoka”s chakra as per media report? In what way BCCI should act? Whether Sachin should be expelled from the team for ever? Why media is not coming up again to protest ? Whether media is biased and advertently published and fearing that they won’t get any further gain if they oppose this act of the sachin?p


  1. It seems everybody chicken out when comes to Sachin Tendulkar
    Not even Cricketers.
    But also local media & Administraters
    What a dude?
    What a Nation?
    Win or lose They love The Hero.
    Hero or Zero
    Nero plays violin…..!!!!
    The band plays even when the ship sinks.
    if you know what i say……?

  2. I don’t understand what’s the big deal there are those fanatics burning flags every other day but the govt. turns a blind eye and now someone cuts a cake with the shape of a flag and gets dragged into controversey this is the height of things

  3. Only the media blew a trivial thing out of proportions.
    When some celebrity goes through a lean phase all and sundry take advantage to say all sorts of abuses when we know only little about the incident..
    Keep cool and be balanced.

  4. It has been clarified by BCCI Spokesman that Sachin was asked to cut the cake at the function organised by Indian High Commission and that while cuttin g the cake Sachin did not notice that the cake resembles Indian National Flag. While Indian High Commission is the main cluprit in this episode as they had organised the function, Sachin cannot wash his hand saying that he did not notice that the cake resembles National Flag and should have refused to cut the cake.

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