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Runaway Hag Problems?

so my sister died two months ago from cancer and at that time I had a new female friend named …carla. she is an obese girl of 25 and before she met me, I dont think she had much social life. well after my sister died, I stopped going to parties and clubs and kinda just sat home at night with her. she helped me a ton through some of the grif process and is an excellent friend. problem is, now I do want to start going out more and since I havent hung out with her as much(she has been working a lot too) she is picking little arguments. last night me and my old roomate went to the club and she came too, well after I asked her to hang out for a bit. I was drunk. well she sat on the counch and then I ended up sleeping next to my old roomate. today she is all pissy cuz she thinks I only made her sit on the couch so I could bed up with the roomate. and all this other crap. WTF, she also is constantly obsessing bout who I date. how do I handle this situation. I think she has a crush on me


  1. Yikes… I recommend getting her the book “F@g Hag” by Robert Rodi
    It’s about a crazy “fruit fly” who is totally obsessed with their gay friends & ends up kidnapping one & demanding he love her.
    If she reads it, it would force her to look at her own actions & unrealistic attractions to her gay friends.
    She probably does have a crush on you, as many people, gay or straight are attracted to what they can not have. It’s partly to do with the friendship intimacy you two shared after your sisters death, and partly to due with the whole unattainable thing. It doesn’t mean she realistically thinks she has a chance, but most people are attracted to others that they know they have no chance with.
    Explain to her the actions or things she’s saying that hurt you, or are gettin on your nerves, & if she doesn’t at least attempt to change her habits/actions/words then let her know you’d prefer not to hang out with someone emitting such negative energy into your life.

  2. First of all sorry for your loss. The whole concept of the ” f*g hag” if you will, is a trouble spot for me as a Gay man. I have heard from some of my friends that a great deal of these relationships go bad, when you involve yourself with men and move away from them. This even includes,when you get a boyfriend.. The solution is to find female friends who have lives of their own. My best female friend is married and has a life of her own. Sit her down and tell her, you appreciate her friendship and everything that she has done for you.Then you might have to be blunt and tell her you want to start doing things on your own a little bit more . Let her know that you will still do things with her, but your life is your own.About the crush,let her down easy. She knows that you are a gay and can never have you. You might have to help her foster some activities to get her own thing going, if you will.The talk has to happen though, lest you create a bigger nightmare.

  3. she does have a crush on you…You think????? You must sit her down and have a frank talk immediately. She will either accept your conditions or be back by herself. You have ended up where most of us have been….not a good place.


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